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Qualitative Vs Quantitative Research

Qualitative and quantitative are the two approaches that you can use for the collection and analysis of information. Students pursuing undergraduate and Master’s courses often face issues in determining appropriate research to perform one particular topic. In this article, our research paper writing team is doing the comparison between qualitative and Quantitative research, so that students can easily determine the type of research they should perform on a specific topic.

Qualitative Vs Quantitative Research

Quantitative research: Meaning

Quantitative research is an approach which the researcher utilizes for the accumulation of numbers and statistics related to the topic. The findings of such research types are express in numbers and graphs. The main objective of Quantitative research is to confirm theories. You can perform Quantitative research for establishing general sable facts related to the topic.  Some of the technique which you can use for performing data collection and analysis in quantitative research are Content analysis, Surveys, and experimental research.

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Example: Quantitative approach

The researcher executes a survey for analyzing the extent up to which employees working in Abs Ltd. Are satisfied with their management system. The researcher will collect data from 20 participants who have been selected using a random sampling technique. Respondents will have to give a rank from 1-5 on the basis of satisfaction from the management system. After that statistical analysis technique researcher will apply for analyzing data in order to reach a conclusion.

Qualitative Research: Meaning

Qualitative research includes the collection of facts and analysis of words or meanings.  You can execute qualitative research for developing an understanding of different concepts, experiences, and thoughts.  It is the type of research that will help you in developing an in-depth understanding of the research topic.

Example: Qualitative Approach

A researcher performs study in order to analyze the extend up to which students of Xyz school are satisfied with the teaching techniques of teachers. Investigator utilizes interview techniques for the collection of information.  The researcher will include open-ended questions in the questionnaire form.  Few questions which the researcher will ask from students are Up to what extent you are satisfied with the technique that your teacher uses? What teaching technique does your teacher utilize?  Suggest a teaching technique which your teacher can adapt to teaching

Note: Every type of research has its objectives and Methodology. Both qualitative and quantitative types of research are very much crucial for increasing knowledge about different subjects.

Difference between Quantitative and Qualitative research

In both Qualitative and Quantitative research, the researcher needs to use different research methods for the collection and analysis of information.  The key difference between Qualitative and Quantitative research are:

Quantitative research Qualitative research
In this type of research, the researcher mainly emphasizes Testing theories. In this type of research, investigator an investigator mainly emphasizes on exploring ideas and formulation of the theory.
The researcher utilizes mathematical and statistical techniques for analyzing information. You can analyze information by writing a summary, categorizing, and interpreting it.
Research results are presented in infirm of numbers, tables, and graphs. The results of the research are expressed in words.
You need to involve a large number of respondents for performing Quantitative data. The researcher requires including only a few respondents.
The researcher collects information through including closed questions that are multiple-choice questions in questionnaire form. The investigator includes open-ended questions in the questionnaire for collecting detailed answers to research questions.

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 Qualitative Vs Quantitative: Data collection Methods

The difference between the method of data collection in Qualitative and Quantitative research are:

Quantitative Data collection method Qualitative data collection method
Surveys: It includes a list of multiple-choice questions and you need to distribute a list to sample.

Experiments: It is the situation when you can control variables and you can manipulate it for establishing the relationship between cause and effect.

Observations: This research method involves observation of people in a natural setting where you cannot control variables.

Content analysis: It includes a systematic recording of the presence of few words in a text which is done for analyzing the communication process.

 The data collection methods in research are :

Interview: This Qualitative research method includes asking questions orally from the participants.

Case study: it is an in-depth study about a specific person, organization, or group of people.

Literature review: In such type of research researcher generally utilize information which you are already available.

When to use Qualitative Vs Quantitative Research

You can apply the rule of thumb for determining which type of research Qualitative vs. Quantitative to perform one a specific topic.

  1. In case you intend to test theory you can utilize Quantitative Research.
  2. If you want to develop an understanding of concepts than you can execute Qualitative research.

There are many research topics for which you can use all three that is Qualitative, Quantitative, and mixed approach. There are several things which you should consider before selecting the research type these factors are inductive Vs deductive research approach,  research questions, objectives, etc. In addition to this, you also need to consider money, time, availability of resources, access to respondents, etc before making a selection of the type of research to perform one a particular topic.

  • Mixed method Approach

A researcher utilizes interview techniques for identifying an extend up to which students are satisfied with the teaching techniques of teachers. An investigator can utilize open-ended questions, as this will help them in exploring new facts about the topic.  Afterward, the investigator can execute a survey for testing ideas on a bigger scale.  You can also begin by performing a survey for analyzing overall trends. Researchers can also use interview techniques which will help them in developing a better understanding of the reason for changes in trends.

How to analyze data in Qualitative and Quantitative research?

a) Analyzing Quantitative Data

As Quantitative data includes numbers, you can utilize a statistical and mathematical technique for analyzing information. The use of statistical analysis techniques will help you in discovering different patterns in data. You can use graphs, charts, and tables for p [resenting research results.

The different Application such as SPSS, Excel, etc. you can use for computation of:

  • Average Scores
  • The number of times the specific response was given by respondents
  • A correlation or causation between 2 or more variables.
  • The reliability and validity of the results.

b) Analyzing Qualitative Research

Analyzing the Qualitative data is quite difficult to process as compared to Quantitative. A little basic approach which you can use for analyzing Qualitative data includes:

  • Content analysis: By utilizing such a data analysis technique you can track the occurrence and meaning of words or phrases.
  • Thematic analysis: The researcher mainly uses such type of Qualitative data analysis for closely examining the information for identifying the key themes and patterns.
  • Discourse analysis: You can perform such type of data analysis for analyzing the way communication works in social contexts.


It has been concluded from the above that performing the Qualitative data analysis is quite a difficult task. Another fact which has been discovered from the above is that result generated from Quantitative research is more accurate as compared to Qualitative research.

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