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Research Paper Topic Sentences

Writing perfect topic sentences is very much essential for providing the reader with ease in getting an idea about the entire research paper.  

Research Paper Topic Sentences

Writing strong topic Sentences

In every paragraph of your research paper you need to include topic sentences. It is the topic sentence that provides an overview of the content in a particular paragraph.  The topic sentence mainly includes two things these are:

  • The topic of the paragraph
  • The main point of paragraph

After writing the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph, you need to expand your point by providing examples and evidence. In relation to building a well-structured argument you can utilize your topic sentences for ensuring transition between paragraphs. It is the topic sentence which helps in demonstrating the connection between points.

You need to use the topic sentences at the beginning of all paragraphs in the research paper. Here are 4 steps which you should follow for writing a strong topic sentence for a research paper these are:

Step 1: Writing a thesis statement

An initial step in designing a topic sentence is to ensure that the thesis statement which you have to design is strong. It is the thesis statement that provides a summary of the objectives and arguments in the entire research paper.

Example of thesis statement

An increase in food wastage is considered as an issue of high concern. Such an issue has a significant negative influence on the environment. It is very much important for people to bring improvement in food consumption pattern.

Step 2:  Prepare an outline of research paper and create a topic sentence

It is a step where you need to prepare a research paper outline. You need to prepare a plan of all the things which you want to include in every paragraph of the research paper. At this step you can create a topic sentence that summarizes the main point you intend to include in every paragraph.  After writing the topic sentence you should make sure that it is specific and relevant.

Research topic sentence examples

The findings of an investigation indicate that the food industry has a great effect in the environment.

Step 3: Expansion along with supporting sentences

This is a stage where you need to ensure that all the paragraphs are organized logically. After that you should expand the main point of the paragraph by providing evidence and examples. The inclusion of the topic sentence will help you in maintaining a more relevant paragraph. After writing the paragraph, you should make that all the content relates to the main idea of your research paper. At the time of writing example, you can highlight existing literature and statistical data which supports your main idea about the effect of the food industry on the environment.

Step 4:  Refining of topic sentences

You should write a topic statement just by writing a simple statement. After writing a topic sentence, you must ensure that topic sentence matches with the content of every paragraph.  The characteristics of a good topic sentence are that it expresses a clear idea about content in each paragraph of the research paper.  A topic sentence should be such that it should provide the reader with an idea about the direction of arguments in the research paper. You can utilize the topic sentence for creating a transition between paragraphs.

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How to write a topic sentence for a body paragraph?

After writing the research paper topic sentence, you need to first understand how the main point in your paragraph relates to the preceding paragraph. Based on your answer you can do the following:

  • Concentration and expansion

If the paragraph you are writing contains much detail or you are using more examples for explaining the same thing use should use words such as focus, emphasize in your topic sentence.

  • Summarization and anticipation

If in case, the paragraphs you are writing include other new aspects then you need to make sure that the topic sentence should provide a summary of the previous paragraph.  It should also provide new information which you are going to include in the next paragraph.

  • Distinguishing and contrasting

If in case you are introducing the comparison between two things in your paragraph then you can use words such as on the other hand, yet, however, in contrast, etc.   While writing a topic sentence.

Example: The dietary choice is not clear in few circumstances, farming is considered to be as one of the best ideas s compared to sustainable livestock farming.

You can also utilize the term contrast for showing the similarities between two variables of the study. The research paper topic in question form.

Example:  Changing the pattern of food consumption is considered to be as more sustainable options for reducing wastage.

Topic sentences that introduce more than one paragraph

In some circumstances you can utilize topic sentences for introducing several paragraphs at a single time.

Topic Sentence with several paragraphs: example

In nations where people consume packaged food items, a move towards the consumption of unpackaged food items is a sustainable option of reducing waste. A finding of investigation reveals that the food sector has a significant effect on the environment.

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Where does the topic sentence go?

You need to include a topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph.  The writer can include the topic sentences after the paragraph also. It is mainly done when the writer intends to change the direction of the argument in the paragraph.

Example of paragraph with topic sentence and main idea

Providing proof of food sector influence on environment,  consumption of unpackaged food items is considered to be the as best option for protecting the environment from degradation. However, the relationship between the consumption of food and its effect on the environment is not clear.  In a few circumstances, consumption of unpackaged food is more suitable then consuming packaged food item.

In the above example, the first sentence in the paragraph provides a summary of the main point. The topic sentence represents that paragraph would address proof which contradicts that point.


From the above article, it has been concluded that the topic sentence can help establish a smooth transition between paragraphs. Another fact which we conclude from the above is that the topic sentence provides the reader with an idea about a paragraph.

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