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Abstract for Research Paper

Abstract in research is basically a summary of content in the research paper.

Abstract for Research Paper

An abstract is a summary of the overall text in the research paper.   It consists of the aim and key findings of your research, writing an abstract after completion of writing a research paper can be helpful.  By writing an abstract at the end you will be able to get knowledge about the overall content and you can easily write a summary of it. The 4 things which you should include in abstract for a research paper are

  • Objectives and problem statement
  • Methodology
  • Key findings
  • Final conclusion

The word count of the Abstract is basically between 150 to 300 words. Before writing the abstract you should check the guidelines provided by your professor. Considering the college or university guidelines you can write an abstract on different pages. Generally you need to include abstract after the acknowledgment and title page.

When to write an abstract for a research paper?

At the time of writing a research paper, it is very much essential for you to write an abstract.  You can write an abstract after the completion of the research paper. After writing the research paper abstract it is important for you to make sure that it is easily understandable. One best technique of writing an abstract is to create a proper structure of the entire content in the research paper.

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What to include in the research paper Abstract?

The 5 important elements which you should include in your research paper abstract are:

1. Aim

You should write an abstract for the research paper by properly defining the objective of the investigation. It is very much essential for you to clearly demonstrate the problem which you intend to address in your research paper.  You should also provide an explanation about how your research topic is socially or academically relevant. There is no need to provide a detailed background of the information.  After addressing the issue you should write the objective of the research.  You can utilize different verbs such as test, investigate, analyze and evaluate for describing what exactly you intend to do.  You should write an abstract for the research paper in the present tense.

For example the main objective of the investigation is to analyze the relationship between consumption of coffee and productivity.

2. Methods

In Abstract you need to highlight the method which you are going to use for performing an investigation.  It is very much important for you to specify the technique that you will use for answering research questions. You should provide a straight forward description of the methodology. The description of the method should not be more than one or two sentences.  You need to write a description of the method in the abstract in the past tense.

Example: A structured interview technique has been utilized for gathering information about the topic.

There is no requirement to evaluate the validity of research methods. You should not write the strength and weaknesses of methods in the abstract section of a research paper.  The method is specified in the abstract with the intention to provide the reader with quick insight into the procedures and approach.

3. Results

Here in the abstract you need to include a summary of main research outcomes. You can write this section of the abstract in the past simple tense.

For example: Our analysis represents strong correlation between consumption of coffee and productivity.

It has been analyzed from the study that there is a significant correlation between consumption of coffee and productivity.

Note: The length of the result part of the abstract is completely dependent on the complexity of the research.  In the research paper abstract you should only include important findings. It is the tactic that will help in developing the understanding of conclusions.

4. Conclusion

It is the main and last part of the abstract in the research paper.  You need to finally write the answer to research questions. You should write a conclusion in the present simple tense.

Example: By reading an article we conclude that consumption of coffee helps in increasing productivity.

In addition to the above elements, if there is any limitation of the study you can include the same in the research paper abstract. It is the tactics that will provide the reader with easy access to generalizability and creditability of research. The conclusion part of the abstract can also consist of suggestions for further investigation in the future.

 5. Keywords

If you have lots of keywords in your research paper then you need to add a list of such keywords at the last of the abstract.  Keywords are considered to be the most crucial element of research which helps the reader in finding paper at the time of their own literature searches. Before including the list of keywords you should review the guideline whether it demands APA style or other formatting requirements.

What to include in the research paper Abstract

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Tips for writing an abstract

The biggest challenge that students face is in condensing the whole dissertation into a few words. Below are a few tips which you can use for writing abstract in the research paper is:

(a) Reverse outlining:

It is very much important for you to note that all the abstracts do not contain similar elements. If in case you have different structures for research then you can utilize the procedure of reverse outlining. For instance, in the case of humanities dissertation, arguments can be developing through thematic chapters in such a situation you can utilize reverse outlining procedure.

For each section you should prepare a list of keyword. You should summarize all the main arguments in one or two sentences. It will provide you with a framework for your research paper abstract. You should do a revision of all sentences, as these tactics will help you in developing the connections between sentences. In the abstract you should also demonstrate that how you develop arguments. The revision will help you in making sure that the abstract dictates the complete story. You should include such information which is present in the main text of the research paper.  After completion of the abstract you should make sure that it provides a summary of overall arguments.

(b) Reading the abstract of other research paper:

One of the best ways to write abstract is to review the other literature or other academic paper containing this section. You can read abstracts in journal articles when writing a literature review. By reading the abstract in journal article you will be able to get an idea of writing the best research paper abstract.

(c) Writing clearly and concisely:

The quality of the abstract is that it is short, clear but has a great impact. You should write every sentence in the abstract clearly. Try to avoid filler words. After completion of the abstract you should make sure that it is easily understandable by the reader.  If you are facing any issue in reducing the word count of abstract than you can read our article shortening an abstract.

(d) Concentrating on own research:

While writing an abstract for the research paper you should keep in mind the object of writing it. The main purpose of writing an abstract is to provide information about the contribution of research. You should not include discussion in the abstract for the research paper. You should not include citations in an abstract.

(e) Checking to format:

You should review the university or college guidelines before dong the formatting. It is the tactics that will help you in determining the requirement for the formatting of an abstract.  If you are writing an APA research paper then you need to follow APA format for writing an abstract.


It has been concluded from the above that abstract is a summary of content in the research paper. Another thing that has been found is that the main objective of the abstract is to provide the reader with an insight into the content.

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