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A research paper can be defined as a research process which is based on writing the solution to a problem about which or for which the research has to be conducted and some results have to be evaluated and formulated by using a set of various methods based upon discussion, relevant data, information, and statistics.

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What are the reasons behind writing a research question according to James Cook University Singapore?

There are a lot of reasons and purpose to mention a research question in a research paper. However, we have listed down some of the following:

  • A research question gives the reader an understanding of what is the context about which you will be talking about an what will be discussed in the research paper father
  • It may be asked in Singapore universities and colleges for the purpose of academic publication
  • The students might be asked to write a research question when they have been given assignment writing or a research paper as a graduate or as an undergraduate as a part of the course work
  • Also, last but not least, it may be written in the form of a thesis or a dissertation which has been written in order to get or find out a terminal degree in academics. For example PhD.

How to select a topic for or question for a research paper according to expert research paper professional helpers with relevance inexperience?

  • You must always make sure the topic is relevant to be it in any subject including management, nursing, finance, organization, business, or others.
  • The question you choose must be able to be related to other researches or researchers
  • The subject area that you concentrate on according to the research paper for the question must be under-researched which is not much discussed so that your paper stands out of the box and not in the flock of the similar ones.

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What must be the structure of your research paper according to native writers of Singapore who are Masters from National University from Singapore?

  • You must always start by defining an abstract of your paper. The abstract shows the objective, introduction, methods, discussion, results, and suggestion, all in a single liner content.
  • Then, go for defining the objective. It is important that you have clearly defined your objective. Some people interchange objective and reach question to be same it may be true as well in some cases.
  • After the reach question, write an instruction. The intrusion must give out the summary of the discussion below which is about to come
  • After the introduction, write about the various methods which have been applied in the study
  • After that, make sure you analyze the results which may be obtained.
  • After discussion, talk about the various results obtained
  • Write a short conclusion for your research paper taking in all the points which you find are important
  • End with suggestions and recommendations which must be based on your personal experience and research which you have conducted all the way through.
  • Make sure you add relevant data, diagrams, and tables for supporting your paper.
  • You cannot miss out on referencing. Your paper must always have proper citations according to a format you have been asked which is mostly APA.

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