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Methods can be described as the various techniques and tools which have been used for evaluating and analyzing the results and solving the research question or problem which has been put up.

Discussion can be defined as the elongated arguments which are talked about in the research paper.

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What are the functions of methods writing as taught in the National University of Singapore?

  • The first function is to make the reader understand what are the various techniques and tools that have been used to conduct the study and the research.
  • The second function is to provide a description of the study of the site if you are going with a field study.
  • The third function is to mention how the experiment or research has been structured. For example, the controls, what variables, and which treatments have been measured and how the samples have been collected, and the final form of the data.
  • The fourth function is to mention the protocol which has been used for collecting data which means that you have to mention what are the procedures for experimenting which have been carried out here.
  • Last but not least, is the final function which means the procedure which has been used to analyze the data is also mentioned under methods like which qualitative analysis method or statistical procedure has been conducted to get the data transformation, and what probability has been used to measure significance.

What is the style of writing methods according to our experienced and qualified Ph.D. writers in a research paper?

The style is very basic and simple. You have to make sure that in narrative essay writing, the methods come out like you were talking to someone verbally.

You have to use only an active voice for this to the greatest extent. This requires more use of the third person. It is not a step-by-step, or directive, or protocol dictating which you might have seen in the lab manual.

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What are the functions of discussion writing as per Singapore university professors?

  • The first and foremost function of the discussions in essay writing is to interpret the consequences which have been derived to bring them into the light which have already been known and creates a subject of the investigation and it makes sure to explain the newer understanding of the provable after you have taken your results into consideration.
  • The second function of the discussion is to connect the reader to the introduction. It is done by the way or hypothesis or questions which you have posted and the literature which you have cited but this does not basically imply that you will repeat or rearrange the introduction.
  • The last function of the discussion of the research paper is to tell the reader you to move where you have ended the introduction and start from the place which you had left.

What is the style of writing discussions for the research paper?

You can use as much as an active voice as possible. Make sure you don’t use wordy phrases, make your points clearly, and be concise.

For a better understanding, you can check out various previous samples of our expert writers to be sure of our quality and format.

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