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Top Research Topics For Singapore Students 2023

Research topics writing is the most difficult form of assignment writing in education industry. But it is very obvious that students get to write on research topics during their school and college life. The criticality of the writing work varies from student to student. But the fact is that the toughest part is obviously the selection of topic.

We are here to help you with this aspect and provide you a wide list of best research topics that will really help you to make your position in the top five. But before it is quite helpful to understand definition and facts about for those who are unaware.

Research topics

Research paper is a prolonged form of essay that represents your own interpretation about the topic. In an essay, writing your own thoughts is enough but to write a research paper, you have to write professionally by doing an intense research.

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Research topic on religion and society:

  1. Write on the history of Hinduism and its affect on modern society?
  2. Gender inequality or discrimination.
  3. How the bisexuality is defined in the bible?
  4. What are the thoughts of teenagers on religions?
  5. Religions in Singapore
  6. Discuss on world religion and science
  7. Discuss on female clergy in variety of different religions
  8. Discuss on religious counselling versus classical psychology

Research topics on crime and law:

  1. Discuss briefly on International criminal court
  2. Discuss on terrorism as crime in numerous countries
  3. What are religious laws and crimes in different countries?
  4. The role of science for investigation of crime.
  5. Discuss on drug abuse and crimes.
  6. Discriminate between self control theory and social control theory
  7. What measures government should take to lower crime rates?
  8. What are the similarities and difference between juvenile courts and juvenile justice?

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Research topics on literature:

  1. Write on the comparison between two novels
  2. Discuss on psychology and literature
  3. The reasons for the popularity of Harry potter
  4. What are the goods and evils of literature?
  5. What is the connection of renaissance with the era of science and technology?
  6. The variation in English literature with the variation in English language
  7. What is the role of ludicrousness in modern English literature?
  8. Why, traditionally the reach of poetry is restricted to upper class of the society?

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Research topics on history:

  1. Discuss three main causes of Boer war
  2. The reasons responsible for the creation of national parks
  3. Discuss on the organisation of Hindu gods
  4. The culture that is originated from Nile valley
  5. The life of Mohammed, from Mecca to Medina
  6. Discuss on the Arab invasion of Spain
  7. Discuss on the inventions of Marconi
  8. The treaty of Versailles

Research topics for middle school:

  1. Are prayers necessary for school?
  2. Cell phones: good or bad for middle school students.
  3. The explosion of volcanoes
  4. The importance of farming for human development
  5. The evolution of poetry.
  6. How one can stay away from computer games addiction.
  7. Discuss on the history of cryptography.
  8. What is the importance of sexual education?

Research topics on business:

  1. Discuss on business and copyright laws.
  2. Relation between social media and modern market.
  3. What are the associations between governments and private businesses?
  4. How do we calculate risks in business?
  5. Internet marketing, the most effective ways of advertising.
  6. Does a war benefits the governments?
  7. Give a brief on the crisis management of an organisation.
  8. The impact of moral principles on effective decision making for businesses.

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Research topics on Mathematics:

  1. Write a glance on the history of Mathematics.
  2. Who are the greatest mathematician and their contribution?
  3. Write about the greatest invention in the history of mathematics.
  4. Describe all the calculus theorems.
  5. Describe Boolean function, theorem and its applications.
  6. What is the use of math formulas in real life?
  7. Is there any relation between music and math: describe
  8. Discuss the fundamental mathematical theorems.

Research topics on culture:

  1. How do the advertisements and commercials affect modern art?
  2. What is the influence on native culture on human psychology?
  3. How culture can be used as political instrument?
  4. How can we relate advertisement with culture?
  5. Write a comparison on different pop culture trends.
  6. Discuss ancient civilizations
  7. Relate culture, moral and ethics.
  8. The evolution of culture.

Research topics on Science and Technology:           

  1. The first man to enter into space.
  2. Explain the concept of black hole.
  3. What is the future of space travelling?
  4. What is the impact of cold war on discoveries of space?
  5. How the space studies useful to human beings?
  6. What is the contribution of Leonardo da Vinci to new technologies?
  7. Discuss: history of computers.
  8. How sun rays make impact of human’s health?

Research topics on Psychology:

  1. What is the difference between attraction, romance and love?
  2. What is antisocial personality disorder?
  3. How media violence can affect children?
  4. Write on the psychological profile of a terrorist,
  5. What steps should be taken to stop teenage suicide?
  6. What is prosocial behaviour in social psychology?
  7. Discuss the causes of prejudice and discrimination.
  8. How can you relate thinking and problem solving?

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Research topics on politics:

  1. What are federalism, confederalism and unitary systems?
  2. Discuss: International political economy and trade.
  3. Describe qualitative versus quantitative research.
  4. What is the influence of socialism in the developing world?
  5. The extent of corruption in politics and what are the ways to eliminate it?
  6. What are the causes and consequences of civil wars?
  7. How can media be used as a political power?
  8. Compare different political parties and their functioning.

Research topics on entertainment and sports:

  1. Write the complete history of ancient sports.
  2. What is the necessity of sports academy in every country?
  3. The impact of technologies on sports.
  4. The role of women in sport. Make a list of top 10 women in the sports area.
  5. What is the difference between team sports and the solo sports?
  6. What is the age limit to enter in professional sports?
  7. What is the negative impact of drug addiction in the sports world?
  8. What is the importance of trainers and effective training strategies?

Research topics on environment:

  1. What is the importance of national parks at global scale?
  2. Can planting new trees is helpful to fight with the problem of deforestation?
  3. How the oil pollution generating from oil industry is harmful for ecosystem?
  4. Measures to be taken to diminish the use to CFC, CO2, and CH4 etc to reduce global warming.
  5. Is it possible to reinforce the ozone layer?
  6. Is the deep sea mining harmless for oceans?
  7. What measures should be taken to stop the use and production of plastic materials?
  8. Ecosystem in different landforms such as plains, plateaus and mountains.

Research topics on education:

  1. What are the essentialities of a modern teacher?
  2. How can we deal with school violence and the measures to be taken to minimize it?
  3. The reasons behind student missing classes and thinking of teachers for this.
  4. What are the ten steps to complex learning?
  5. Is it necessary to provide education for health, nutrition and physique?
  6. Describe teacher student relationship
  7. Discuss courses and learning with the help of internet.
  8. What is the role of a teacher as negotiator or moral guide?

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Research topics on medicine:

  1. What is genetic engineering and cloning?
  2. The changes in mental and physical health due to ageing?
  3. The impact of modern lifestyle on human health.
  4. What is the role of antibiotics in the treatment of any disease?
  5. Differentiate child health care with the adult ones.
  6. What is the importance of health education?
  7. What is hormone replacement therapy?
  8. What are different medical ethics?

These are only sample of topics for your research writing project, There are wide areas of topics come under research paper writing.

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