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How to Write Research Paper Outline

The Research Paper outline can be referred to as a useful tool for writing procedures. It provides a structure that consists of headings you need to include in your research paper. Scholars pursuing Ph.D. Often face difficulty in organizing thoughts and in maintaining the flow of information. In this article, our research paper writing team is providing an explanation about How to write a research paper outline. You can use this guideline for writing a scientific research paper outlines.

How to Write Research Paper Outline

Preparing a research paper outline is the first step in an academic writing procedure. It enables you to get the proper structure which helps in making the writing procedure efficient. The main benefit of the research paper outline is that it helps you in organizing your thoughts. It also provides the reader with ease in developing an understanding of the flow of information. By writing a research paper outline you get an idea about how to relate different thoughts. It enables you to ensure the inclusion of all main headings in the research paper.

Process of  writing a research paper outline?

The 6 step procedure of writing a research paper outline includes:

Step 1:  Deciding on the subject for the research paper

Determining a subject for writing a research paper is an initial and most crucial step. It is on the basis of the subject you will be able to prepare an outline for writing a research paper.

Step 2:  Noting the key idea that you intend to discuss

This is a step where you need to write your key idea. In this step, you should facilitate discussion with your tutor, friends and family members about the idea which you have generated. It is a technique that will help you in further expansion of ideas.

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Step 3: Organising ideas into subgroups

It is a step where a grouping of ideas needs to be done. You should write your main idea first. After that you need to draw general thoughts from it.

Step 4: Arranging the ideas in hierarchical order

Before starting a writing an outline for the research paper you should first note down your ideas and arrange them in hierarchical order. These tactics will provide you an ease in preparing a research paper outline.

Step 5:  Design effective headings and subheadings.

It is a step where you need to design an effective heading and subheadings.  You should review the research questions or thesis statement. It is a technique that will provide you an ease in designing effective headings and subheadings.

Step 6:  Arranging the outline in a full sentence, alphanumeric format

You should select a specific format for arranging your research paper outline. You should arrange all references in alphabetical order, as they are shreds of evidence of arguments.  References could also be arranged in sequence according to the relevancy and importance in the context of the thesis statement.

write a research paper outline

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Research paper outline example

The Research Paper outline can consist of detail notes. Below is the medical research paper outline example

Topic:  Debate on Cancer and vaccination


  1. Definition of cancer
  2. Increase in the number of patients suffering from cancer
  3. Statistical information – rise in the number of cancer patients every year.


  1. Symptoms and time period of the disease
  2. Risk of fatality
  3. How cancer is spread


  1. Immunization process
  2. Immunization debate covers two different aspects such as why immunization is suggested and why the specific group is raising questions on its validity.

(A) Different locations, concentrating on those who are not in favor of immunization.


  1. Summary of arguments
  2. Summary of figures
  3. Concluding statement

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Formatting of research paper outline

You can use three formats for writing an outline for a research paper these are decimal outlines, full sentences and alphanumeric.

Example of a research paper outline in alphanumeric format.

Researchers mostly utilize an alphanumeric format. It is a format for creating an outline for a research paper where the researcher uses Roman numerals.  You can also make use of capitalized letters, lower case alphabets for organizing the flow of information. Below is the sample outline for a literary research paper.  You can also use this format for writing a research paper outline the MLA style.

  1. Paragraph of the main body

(A) Key point

1.  Subheading

a. Subpoint

What is the language of the research paper outline?

While writing a research paper it is very much essential for you to concentrate on language. The four main considerations related to language which you should make while writing an outline for a research paper these are:


This means that you need to maintain consistency in the use of grammatical words. While preparing an outline for writing a research paper you should not repeat grammatical words in a sentence. If you are using a verb in the first point then you should also utilize the verb for the second point as well.

Example:  Introduction of debate on immunization that addresses both aspects: why immunization is advised and reason group of people in particular regions are against it.

  1. Inclusion of different geographies, concentrating on a number of arguments from those people who are against immunization.


While writing a research paper outline you should make the choice of such subheadings that have equal significance.


1. Introduction of outbreaks in the UK, USA, Australia

(a) Including figures of immunization

2. Outlining the threat created by cancer as associated with other diseases

(b) A disease which can result from cancer

Sub- Coordination

It mainly includes segregation of basic points from specific. You should write a general main heading and other subheadings should be specific.


4.) Cancer and other Illness

A.) outlining the threats associated with cancer as a link to other diseases.

  1. Another disease which can result from cancer
  2. Hazardous cases of other diseases after a person becomes prone to cancer.


In this research paper outline format you need to categorize your headings into two more parts.  While utilizing this specific format you need to ensure that information will be structured into a paragraph at the time of writing.


From reading the above article it has been found that writing a research paper outline can be helpful in relation to ensuring the inclusion of important points in the research paper. It has also been concluded from the above that alphanumeric format is cost widely used by researchers for preparing an outline for writing a research paper.

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