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Problem Statement for Research

Writing the problem statement includes providing a description of the issue.

Problem Statement for Research

How to Write a Problem Statement?

After successful identification of the research problem you need to write a problem statement. It is characteristic of an effective problem statement are that is concrete and concise. The basic 3 steps for writing a statement of the problem for the research paper include:

Step 1: Contextualisation of issue

On the basis of a problem that you have identified you need to write a problem statement. You should provide background information about the issue. You should include detail about which you are already aware of. There are basically two types of problems these are:

Practical research problem

In relation to practical research problems you need to emphasize the concrete detail of the situation. You need to include the following details such as the origin of the problem, people who will influence by issue, an initiative taken for solving particular problems.

Practical research problem: example
There is a decline in the percentage of people voting in a specific region of the UK. Political parties need to bring improvement in their campaigning so that the voting rate could be increased. The measures taken have still not influenced the voting system.

Theoretical Research Problem

In relation to performing theoretical research, you need to consider the issue belonging to the geographical, historical, scientific background. You should start writing the problem statements by defining what you already know about. While writing a statement of the problem you should also provide information about to which time-specific issue has been prevalent. You can also include detail about existing literature related to specific issues.

Example: During the last few years the United Nations economy has become increasingly crucial for the labor market. More than 30 percent of people are working a freelancer. Many researchers have performed an investigation for identifying the main purpose and reason for the increase in demand for freelancing work. The various aspects of issues such as working hours, conditions, measures of income have been considered by investigators. But still, there is a certain limitation in existing literature related to a specific issue. One of the biggest limitations is that in existing researchers investigator has not included information about people experience of the united nation economy.

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Step 2: Demonstrate significance of issue

At this step, you need to mainly emphasize on demonstrating the significance of the specific issue. When writing the problem statements you need to ensure that it addresses the relevance of research. You need to clearly state the consequences of failure in resolving the particular issue. While making the selection of issues you should make sure that it is researchable and feasible. You should select such an issue which is relevant to your field.

Practical research problem

Such issues are directly linked to a particular issue which influences the company, society, etc. There are certain questions such as are consequences of the issue, people who will influence by it, the relevance of the issue, etc. By answering such questions you can easily demonstrate the significance of the issue.

Example: Low percentage of voting by people is considered to have a negative relationship with social cohesion. It can also result into civic disengagement. The decline in the number of votes by people is considered to be an issue of high concern as it has a significant influence on the democracy of the united nation. If people will not vote then it will lead to a decline in trust in democracy. If a specific problem will get an address on time both political parties and local people can gain benefit.

Theoretical research problem

While writing the problem statements you need to first understand that practical issues could have harmful consequences. It is also very much important for you to explain the significance of the problem. You for understanding the importance of issue can ask certain questions such as

  • How solving of the problem can help in developing the understanding about the topic?
  • What will be the benefit of performing investigation on a particular issue?
  • Does specific issue have direct or indirect consequences?

In the context of the above example of the increase in demand for freelancing you can write a statement of the problem for research in such a way:
In existing literature of the United Nations economy there is the emergence of new employment forms such as freelancing work. There is a high demand for freelancing work as it is flexible. Research can perform Qualitative research as it will help you in exploring the various aspects of issue. While performing research researchers need to concentrate on the experience of employees. As it is the tactic that will help you in the creation of theories. In addition to this, on the basis of information collected through research policymaker can develop effective policies.

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Step 3: Setting aim and objectives

At the time of writing a problem statement of research, you should clearly provide information about the technique that you will use for solving problems. While performing research researchers should lie emphasize searching the exact cause of the issue. It is a stage where you should provide suggestions related to different techniques that could be utilized for tackling the specific issue. You can use an infinitive form for writing the aim of your research paper.

For instance you can write:

The main aim of the research is to analyze…….

The research project aims at…..

Objectives are considered to be a way of accomplishing the desired aim.

The researcher will utilise Quantitative research method for identification…

I will use an interview for collecting…..

Practical Research aims and Objectives: Example

The main aim of the research is to identify effective engagement strategies for increasing the customer base. The researcher will emphasize the identification of the main cause of the decline in the customer base of a company. Investigators will use a questionnaire technique for gathering information about customer opinion about company products or services.

Theoretical research aim and objectives: Example

The main aim of the research project is to develop an understanding of the experience of people in the UN economy. The researcher will use a qualitative technique for collecting information about factor which influences the public voting decision. An investigator will utilize a review of literature on the economy of UN.

Tip: While writing a statement of the problem for your research paper you should consider the research questions.

When to write a problem statement?

There are a number of circumstances when you need to write a problem statement. In the context of business, writing a problem statement is considered to be one of the crucial steps. It is very crucial to write a problem statement clearly. It will help you in finding an appropriate solution. In the context of academic writing, a statement of problem can help the researcher in contextualizing and understanding the importance of the research problem. You can write a problem statement in a long paragraph. The problem statement is research provides a foundation for writing a research proposal. You should write a problem statement in one or two sentences in the introduction part of the research paper.


It has been concluded from the above that problem statement is very important in research. Another fact which has been found from above is that writing an effective problem statement is very much essential for implementing effective solutions.

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