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Writing Research Paper Introduction

Writing the introduction part is considered to be the beginning of the research paper.  An introduction is an important section in the research paper; you need to write it in a proper manner.  Students studying research subjects in college before writing the introduction part get lost inconsistency of thoughts. In this article, our research paper writing experts are providing the students with proper guidelines about   How to write good research paper introduction.

Writing Research Paper Introduction

Research Paper Introduction

Writing an introduction is the first step in the research paper. It is the first part which the reader reads and they make their decision whether to continue reading or not. Therefore, it is very much important for you to write an interesting introduction for your academic paper.  An introduction section in the research paper enables the reader to get an insight into the purpose of research paper and other content in it.  Students often find writing an introduction section to be a quite difficult task. You need to include following in the introductory part of the research paper such as:

  • Background information on the topic
  • Aim of your research
  • Purpose of investigation
  • Research questions
  • Reason for choosing a particular topic
  • Importance of issue
  • Hypothesis

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How to Write an Introduction for Research Paper?

The 5 steps of writing the introduction section of a research paper are:

Step 1: Defining topic

At the beginning of the introduction section of a research paper you need to clearly define your topic or issue.  Defining a topic is considered to be fundamental for writing an introduction to a research paper.  At the starting of the introduction section you should first state your topic and then you can describe an issue relevant to your topic. You should first provide the general information about the topic then make it more specific. It is also very much important for you to highlight the different aspects of the topic which you are going to cover in your research paper.

Step 2: Reviewing the literature

At this step you need to create a statement in which you need to highlight the literature about which you are going to discuss in your research paper.  You should only choose the latest articles relevant to your topic. It is very much important to choose present issues as your topic. As by reading the issue in the introduction section reader will develop the interest of reading the entire research paper.

Step 3:  Writing reason

In the introduction section of the research paper, it is very much important for you to provide a proper and justifiable reason for selecting specific issues or topics. You can include theory or arguments for supporting your reason.  By providing the reason for selecting a particular topic for investigation you can easily prove the relevancy and importance of your research.

Step 4:  Stating the thesis

Writing a thesis is basically a conclusive part of the introduction section of the research paper.  If in case the topic or subject which you have chosen is quite complicated then in such a situation writing a thesis statement can be helpful.  In simple words, in the research paper introduction you need to present your main idea.  The thesis statement in the research paper will help you in setting a tone for a complete research paper.

Step 5: Concluding with an outline

It is a final step where you need to provide a research paper outline. At the end of your investigation, you need to provide the structure that you will follow when writing a research paper.   Sometimes you might ask to emphasize on few aspects of future research. You should write an outline of your research paper in 3 to 4 sentences.  In simple words, in the research paper introduction, you need to highlight your plan for a complete research paper.

Research paper introduction writing

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Example of research paper Introduction:

Are you aware that presently there are approx? 3.4 million Canadians incarcerated for the crime which they have conducted.  There are assumptions that criminals should be punished for criminal activity performed by them. According to the statistical information approx. 76 percent of criminals re-offend once they are released.  It means that the poisoning strategy is not working effectively in relation to control of criminal activities. My aim for performing an investigation is to identify the reason for an increase in the percentage of criminal activities in a country.

Tips for writing an introduction for research paper

Below are a few tips which you can utilize while writing an introduction section for academic paper these tips are:

(a) Provide definition and explanation of concepts:

While writing the introduction you should provide the definition and explanation for difficult concepts that you are going to include in your research paper.  You can provide a definition of complicated terms that you will use for writing content in the research paper.

(b) Begin the introduction with a quotation:

You can use quotations in the beginning sentence of the research paper introduction. Inclusion of quotation, in the beginning, will help you in establishing a positive impression on the reader. You can also include questions which reader might have to think about before start reading the content. As it is a tactic that will help you in developing the interest of reading in the reader.

(c) Communicating a structure:

In the introduction part of your research paper you should include information about the structure that you will follow for writing a research paper. It is an activity of yours that will provide reader ease in navigating the information. You should organize your research paper in such a manner that the reader easily understands the content and could easily address the research findings.

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 It has been concluded from the above that the introduction is the most important element of a research paper. Another thing which has been found is that it is the introductory part of the research paper which develops an interest in reading in the reader.

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