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Selection of a Topic for Research

The selection of research is the primary step in writing a research paper. Students pursuing masters, undergraduate feel finding a topic for research to be a difficult task. In this article, our research paper writing experts are providing the guideline which consists of step-by-step procedures for the selection of a research topic.

Selection of a topic for Research

A selection of good research topics is very much important for performing research in an easy manner. Some of the factors which you need to keep in mind at the time of selection of topic for research are:

  • Requirements mentioned in the guidelines of college or university.
  • Before the selection of the research topic, you should first develop an understanding of the field.
  • You need to first analyze your own interests.
  • Relevancy of topic selected for research.
  • Availability of relevant facts.
  • Time Duration for research
  • Length of a research paper.

How to select a Topic for Research Paper?

The selection of topic research paper includes 8 steps these are:

Step 1: Analyze the need for assignment and university guideline

Before making the selection of a research topic it is very much essential for you to review university or college guidelines. You can also seek guidance or help from a professor in selecting a good topic for research. By facilitating the discussion on the research topic you will be able to determine the scope of research you intend to perform on a particular topic. At the time of reading the guideline given by the researcher you need to concentrate on some important factors these are:

  • Word count of research paper
  • The time duration for conducting research
  • Orientation of research

Any special statement about the research method is stated in University guidelines. By keeping in mind the above things in mind you will be able to narrow down the list of research topics.

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Step 2: Selection of a broad field of research

At the time of making the selection of a topic for research, it is very much essential for you to develop an understanding of the field in which you are interested. According to your interest, you might choose a broad topic from the field which has a broad scope for research. Some field which has a wide scope of the investigation is:

  • Literature
  • Economic history
  • Health policy
  • Online marketing


  • The suggestion is that you should make a selection of such a research topic about which you already have knowledge.
  • In case you chose the topic which you are not aware of then in such a situation you should perform preliminary research.

Step 3: Review the books and article

Reading books and articles is considered to be one of the easy techniques to find and make the selection of an appropriate research topic. By reading the books and articles you will be able to come across the number of present issues that you can select as a topic for conducting research. The numbers of websites are available which you can use for searching and making selections of topics are University library source, Google scholars, etc.

Step 4: Identification of niche

It is the step where you should narrow down your field. This is a step where you should keep back up ideas.  As in some cases, you might not feel that the topic which you have selected is appropriate for research, then in such a case you can easily switch to new ideas or make a selection of new topics for performing research. In this step, you should concentrate on narrowing down the topic selection.

Narrowing down the selection of topic: example

  • Financial history – Economic history of USA- History of a labor union in America
  • Digitalization – Impact of digitalization on the corporate world- Influence of digitization on the retail sector.

You can make the selection of such topic on which already existing literature are available. By selecting a research topic on which previous literature is published you will get ease in data collection. But the major drawback of selecting a topic on which research has already been performed you might have to face issues in proving relevancy.

Note: While making the selection of topics for research you should mainly focus on the problem statement and research questions.

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Step 5: Consider a type of research

At the time of making selection for the research topic it is very much important for you to keep in mind the type of research you intend to execute.

For instance: If you intend to perform qualitative research then you should ensure that by making a selection of specific topics you will be able to collect information. The type of research you intend to perform has a great effect on the selection of research topics.

Step 6: Determining  the relevancy of research

At the time of making a selection of topics you should determine its relevancy. It is very crucial for you to select an interesting topic for research. When making a selection of research you should ensure that it is relevant to your field. You should also ensure that you can perform research easily on the topic which you have chosen. While making the selection of research topic you should confirm that it has following relevancy such as:

  • Academic relevancy: It means that degree up to which particular topic which you choose helps in filling the gap in knowledge.
  • Social relevancy: It indicates the extent to which the topic selected by the researcher assists in gaining knowledge about social changes.
  • Practical relevancy: Means level up to which topic on which you have performed investigation helps in resolving difficult problems.

Step 7: Ensure the topic selected for the research is Plausible

Before finally selecting a research topic you need to keep in mind length and word count for research paper. It is also very essential for you to consider the time available for performing an investigation. Before finally making the selection of research topic you should confirm that you have easy accessibility to sources from where the facts related to the topic could be accumulated.

Step 8: Take approval for the topic.

Before finalizing the topic for research you need to take approval from the professor.  There are a few courses such as Ph.D. you have to provide an explanation of the topic you have select for performing research. It is very much important for you to have a clear idea about why you have made a selection of specific topics for performing research. According to a few university or college guidelines, your professor might ask you to provide proper justification for selecting a particular research topic.


From the above article, it has been concluded that the selection of a good topic of research is important. Another fact which has been found is that narrowing the topic list can be helpful in making the selection of the best topic for research.

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