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Updated on: 22nd Oct 2020

NUR09722 theory and ethical reasoning in nursing practice – Edinburgh Napier University (ENU)

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Ethics is important in the Healthcare sector to conduct fair practices and to determine the right and wrongs in the field of nursing and medical care.

The ethical standard in Healthcare includes the protection of privacy, informed consent, maintenance of confidentiality and others.

After completion of NUR09722 ENU Theory and Ethical Reasoning in Nursing Practice course, successful students would be able to analyze the patient advocate role.  They would be able to gain an understanding and adequate knowledge of public safety. They will also learn about public safety behaviour, skills and self-regulation.

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know about NUR09722 theory and ethical reasoning in nursing practice course

NUR09722 ethical reasoning in nursing practice mainly focuses on studying ethical and legal issues related to clinical situations in Singapore.

Learners should consider every situation by linking it to each participant like Health Care professionals, nurses, relatives and patients.

The Student would be taught to use bioethical principles, values-based care and deontology utilitarianism as a part of the ethical framework.

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Educational Learning of this NUR09722 ENU Course

  • Using ethical and legal code of practice or framework to appraise and implement its decision-making process.
  • To examine critically the relationship between ethical reasoning, ethics and law prevailing in Singapore in the field of nursing practice.
  • To make the people of Singapore understand the critical significance of the value-based practice.
  • To inform a population group in Singapore about health care services and their future delivery.
  • To critically reflect on the factors that influence well-being, health and ethical nursing practice. Factors include culture, Healthcare legislation and the Society of Singapore.

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