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Updated on: 15th Mar 2021

Professionalism and Issues in Nursing

The nursing sector plays an important role in our society. It can be said that their work is as important as that of a doctor. However, nurses are expected to be professional in workplaces. Nevertheless, there are also issues related to their profession. We will be discussing all this in this sample essay. Therefore, the topic of discussion in this sample essay is namely; professionalism and issues in nursing.

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In order, to grasp a clear image of this topic we shall go through different aspects. Before proceeding any further we should know what professionalism in nursing means. After which we shall look at the importance of professionalism in nursing and finish this essay by discussing the professional issues in nursing.

What is professionalism in nursing?

Professionalism in nursing refers to providing high-quality care to patients while holding values like respect, advocacy, responsibility, and empathy. Moreover, it also refers to the nurse’s ability to communicate clearly and take of patients while self-reflecting the actions and behavior and upholding the professional value.

Moving on, professionalism in nursing can be divided into three components, which are namely:

• Attitudinal
• Cognitive
• Psychometric

Nevertheless, we shall discuss these three components in brief below:


This component of professionalism in nursing includes the attitude of the nurse and the ideology that guides their actions during work. Ideally, the attitude and practical standards should be on the same page as their goal. Moreover, a nurse’s ability to be flexible and willing to compromise for a larger cause greatly affects their professional career.


The cognitive component of professionalism in nursing refers to the ability of nurses to continually learn professional conduct and use this knowledge in the workplace. Moreover, nurses who employ this habit will develop skills to take effective decisions in the needed situations.


This component says that as the nurses gain experience it helps in more ways than just building their clinical skills. Moreover, in the long run, nurses use proven methods to improve their self-discipline and self-learning ability.

Importance of professionalism in nursing

Nursing is important as it helps in making a well-functioning work environment where patients can receive the right care in the right way. Moreover, professionalism works both ways i.e. it lets patients receive better care while maintaining work ethics in nurses.

Furthermore, professionalism impacts the efficiency of healthcare institutions in a positive manner. Adding to that, it encourages and maintains a culture of respect, honesty, cooperation, integrity, and so on. This allows nurses to promote close-knit team collaborations and works towards the common goal of providing the best possible care to patients.

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Professional issues in nursing

In this section of the sample essay, we shall discuss the professional issues associated with nursing. Without further adieu the professional issues in nursing are as mentioned below:

• Workplace Violence
• Long Working Hours
• Workplace Hazards

So these are three professional issues that we will be discussing. Regardless, we shall discuss them in brief below:

Workplace Hazards

Nurses in the workplace handle needles, medical tools, and heavy equipment. These activities can result in accidents that may harm nursing staff. Moreover, apart from these direct risks, there are many indirect risk factors. The factors involve chances of getting an infection from patients, catching a contagious virus, and so on.

Long Working Hours

We know that Long shifts are not a new concept in the medical field. As a medical emergency can take place at any time, nurses do not have the luxury of working on a fixed schedule. Moreover, sometimes they have to work extra shifts for hours and hours. In fact, nurses are expected to complete 12-hour shifts. As a result, the work of nursing is physically and emotionally stressful.

Workplace Violence

Violence at the Workplace against nurses refers to a lot of things. Sometimes it’s just verbal abuse while other times it can be more serious. According to a survey by WHO, it was found that as many as 38% of healthcare workers have faced some kind of workplace violence. Even though cases are usually rare, nurses are trained to handle such situations.

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