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Updated on: 4th Nov 2020

BS1001 Entry to Biology NTU Assessment Answer

The school of biological Sciences of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore has introduced the BS1001 entry to the biology course. This NTU BS1001 course’s main objective is to introduce the learners to the basic concepts of Biology related to cellular, molecular, and tissues present in living things.

Candidates will also learn about current advances happening in the field of Biology and concepts of physiology, metabolism, and biodiversity. The BS1001 NTU module is offered in semester 1st of study year 1 that contains 3 academic units. The final grade of this module would be decided based on written examination and continuous assessment. The continuous assessment consists of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and mid-semester quiz.

Students must study from NTU pyp to get quiz help answers and knowledge about the format of the examination questions. The BS1001 entry to biology course will help students in preparing for other advanced Biology courses and will also prepare them for research and professional careers related to biology.

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Schedule of the BS1001 entry to biology course

The NTU BS1001syllabus includes topics like:

  • Introduction to biology ( its basic, chemistry, overview, and biological diversity)
  • About the human body and macromolecules like carbohydrates in the living system
  • Macromolecules like lipids proteins and nucleic acids in the living system
  • Common features of cells like Eukaryotic and prokaryotic
  • The central dogma and genetic basis of life mutation and gene regulation
  • Continuity of life eukaryotes prokaryotes cell division and DNA replication
  • Continuity of life reproduction in the microorganism and sexual/asexual reproduction
  • Genetic diversity( molecular Genetics, and Mendelian)
  • Genetic diversity (genetic engineering, evolution, and Molecular biotechnology)
  • Extracellular Metabolism, and bioenergetics
  • Metabolism (metabolic integration, cellular respiration, and cellular metabolism)
  • Biology current advances genomic, transcriptomic, personalized medicine, the era of omics, and Biology relation with other disciplines

Students can find out more information on the conduct of the course through NTU modules and can post their doubtful questions also. Here, students who have studied this subject provide NTU BS1001review based on their experiences.

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Intended BS1001 entry to biology Educational outcomes

By the end of this NTU module BS1001, the student would be able to understand

  1. Differentiate between the scientific method components like experimental, testing, hypothesis, setting, observation, conclusion
  2. To define the carbon and water properties having an impact on living things
  3. Mapping of different components of Biology like organs, tissues, cells, and molecules
  4. Meaning of 11 major organs of the human system and defining their functions
  5. To understand the categories of biological molecules of lipids, proteins, nucleic acid, and carbohydrates
  6. Recognizing features present in human cells and distinguishing between a plant cell from an animal cell; prokaryotic cell from Eukaryotic cell
  7. To study the information flow from polypeptide to DNA as defined in Central dogma
  8. Recognizing the need for the regulation of gene
  9. Defining types of mutation and their process of generation
  10. Explaining the process of replication of DNA in eukaryotes and prokaryotes
  11. Differentiating between sexual and asexual reproduction in the macro organism and unicellular organisms
  12. Explaining molecular genetics by understanding the Mendelian inheritance concept
  13. To analyze the concept and evolution theory related to natural selection and adaptation
  14. Describing the process of reproductive, cloning, generating, transgenic animals, polymerase chain reaction, and gene cloning
  15. Defining the steps in extracellular and Cellular respiration and Cellular metabolism
  16. Differentiate between heterotrophs and autotrophs and their subcategories
  17. Recognizing the process of cellular signal transduction and metabolic integration and their key molecules
  18. To identify how biological advancement has impacted approaches like holistic (-omics) and its interfacing with other specialist subjects.

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