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Updated on: 23rd Feb 2021

Fall Prevention Strategy for Older and Vulnerable People Essay Sample

We know that falling in old age can be a serious issue. People generally fall but the old body is fragile. Most of us do not know why this happens and how to prevent this from happening to over loved ones or ourselves.

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Therefore, in the essay today we will discuss why older people fall, what are effects of falling in old age, what are causes of falling in old age, and at the end, we will discuss what are the strategies we can employ to avoid and prevent falling in older age.

Strategy to reduce fall risk

As obvious as it, we cannot stop aging, nor can we stop the time. But what we can do is we can employ strategies and be more careful. There are several guidelines that can be useful. The Elderly themselves can use these strategies to reduce the potential risk of falling. If there is a caretaker who looks after the older person they can also use these methods to ensure a better quality of life for the person.

We will discuss these strategies in different points below.

Keep Your Home Safer with These Tips:

  • Arrange furniture in such a way that the walking path is clear.
  • Aids like grab bars should be installed at fall-prone areas like the toilet and bathroom.
  • Avoid slipperily places like wet floors and slops.
  • Frequently used items should be kept in hand reach.
  • Lighting in the house must good to in

Review Your Medication with Your Doctor:

As we read sometimes medication can because falls. Therefore discussing the issue with the doctor and revising medication can help reduce the effect.

Wear Non-slip Shoes

This is one of the major causes and still overlooked. Using better footwear can reduce the chances of falls greatly.

Go for Regular Eye Checks:

Eyesight problems can also cause several other problems relating to falling in older people, so it is a good idea to regularly check your eyes.

Keep Your Bones Strong

Keeping bones strong will greatly increase the stability of the body and also strength. A proper diet can help you with maintaining your body strength.

Exercise Regularly to Prevent Falls

Exercising regularly will help the body remain flexible. It also helps increase mobility and provides one with better control over their body.

Why do older people fall?

Anyone can fall, not just the older people. Theoretically, a fall happens when a person loses balance and strength to stand upright. Therefore, a 20-year-old is as likely to fall as a 70-year-old. However, the factor of concern here is that as age takes over body loses strength and even a little challenge to balance can make someone fall.

Moreover, our major concern is why older people fall and as we just discussed we have to look at what causes them to lose balance. The factor that causes this loss of balance can be anything, ranging from mental to physical.

We will discuss risk factors that might be responsible for falling in older and vulnerable populations.

Health-based risks

As age increases, various health-related problems arise. An older body is more vulnerable to diseases. Joints problems, fatigue, poor eyesight, weakness, the rigidity of the body are some of the more common reasons for falling in older age.

Whereas, the cause of fall can also be due to medication side effects, chronic illness, physical problems, balance-related or vision-related problems.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary that cause of fall has to be medical, even if it is it doesn’t need to be due to serious disease.

Environmental risks

Environmental risk can also be the cause of falls in older people. These factors involve inclined surfaces, slippery surfaces, wet floors due to water spillage, rain, unstable ground, physically challenging obstacle, and so on.

This category also involves factors like faulty assistive devices like cane, walker, etc.


This refers to a sudden event or activity that causes loss of balance and eventually falls. These triggers can be physical triggers like asthma attacks, seizure or breathing problems, and sudden pain.

Psychological triggers like PTSD, stress disorder, cognitive and coordinative problems can also be the cause.

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Effect of falling in older people

In life, as children, and as adults, we have all fallen several times. We all know what the consequences of a fall are. Sometimes it’s just bruises and scratches and other times broken bones.

A young body is more durable and can handle some rough treatment. However, the case is not the same for older peoples, even simple or minor falls can because of serious injuries. This is due to a more rigid and vulnerable body of older age.

There is a number of physical, social, and psychological effects or consequences related to falling. We will mention each of them below.

Effect of falling on physical capacity

  • Possible fractures, the hip or forearm are more vulnerable areas hence more likely to be damaged.
  • The feeling of discomfort, body aching, and pain
  • Medical and physical problems born due to a long time of inactivity.
  • Not being able to move around freely
  • Irregular walking style.

Effect of falling on social life and life quality

  • Changes of the daily routine
  • Hospitalization’s Financial weight
  • Social life compromised due to long-time hospitals
  • Decreased life quality

The psychological effect of falling

  • Feeling frustrated and irritated due to loss of independence and freedom to carry out daily activities
  • Limiting their own freedom due to fear of falling
  • Uncertainty and anxiety in life cause distress after suffering from a fall-related injury
  • Feeling embarrassed or shame of injury and not being able to walk without the aid
  • Low self-esteem as a result of not being able to take care of themselves

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