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Updated on: 25th Oct 2021
Nursing Clinical Governance and Quality and Safety Sample Essay

Nursing Clinical Governance and Quality and Safety Sample Essay

In this sample essay, we shall be discussing the topic of “Nursing clinical governance and quality and safety”. Even though most of us might not know it, this is an important concept in the field of nursing. Here, we shall be discussing all the information one needs to know. Thus, without further adieu:

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 What is Nursing clinical governance?

The term “Clinical governance” is used to define a system or a framework that concerns NHS’s services, care, as well as improving the same. In addition to this. this concept also looks after maintaining and creating care standards as well as a suitable environment for clinical care.

In other words, we can say that it refers to providing the right care to the right person at the right time. Moreover, this framework holds NHS accountable for the improvement of their services as well as maintaining care standards. As such the definition of the concept aims to express three major attributes. These are:

  • High care standards
  • Accountability as well as the responsibility of these standards
  • Maintain a steady paced improvement

Moving on, this concept walks hand in hand with that of “Corporate Governance”. The counterpart is better known, and it is also applied to any organization. However, the former one i.e. clinical governance is only applicable to healthcare organizations or even social care ones. Even here, it only concerns the care and not the business aspect of the same(until it does not affect care).

Furthermore, it doesn’t work in a specific structure or system. Instead, clinical governance provides a role to different members of already existing systems. Here, a large role is played by the nurses and midwives. We will discuss this role in brief in the next section of the sample essay.

Role of nurse in clinical governance

“Clinical Governance” is a responsibility that is shared by a number of people who aim at providing the best possible care to patients. Therefore, Nurses and managers have a common goal. In addition, they also share accountability for the services provided.

Moreover, the nurses have the proper skills needed to provide optimum care to patients with the least possible risk. Plus, they are placed ideally to work in the systems along with patients, care providers, as well as family members. Thus, working to improve the care and services is a part of their role in Clinical governance.

Furthermore, nurses actively take part in patient safety processes as well as quality improvement. Consequently, one can say the nurses play a role as important as any higher management. They regularly work to provide the best care possible as well as improve them as per patients’ needs while not compromising with the safety.

Moving on, one can divide the concept of clinical governance into pillars of different components. We shall be looking at the same in the next section of the sample essay.

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In this section, we shall be looking at the different pillars or components of clinical governance. Thus, without further adieu:

  • Risk management
  • Audit
  • Patient experience and involvement
  • Clear and sounds communication
  • Resource effectiveness
  • Effective strategies
  • Education and training

So, these are the seven components of clinical governance. Each of the seven has its own importance and can not be overestimated. Moving on, we shall be looking at the principles of the same in the next section.


We discussed that clinical governance is a patient-oriented concept. Meaning that its main aim is to provide the best care to patients and improve it at the same time. Therefore, there are some principles that present in this concept. These allow the proper functioning of this framework.

Moving on, these principles are, as mentioned below:

  • The services and care revolves around the patients
  • Care and services should be always improving
  • The organization or concerned people holds the responsibility for care
  • A high level of care standards should be maintained at anytime


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