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Updated on: 19th Mar 2021

Contemporary Social Care Essay

In this sample essay, we will be discussing the topic of contemporary social care. Social care is sometimes also referred to as social services. Moreover, social care provides a helping hand towards the suffering members of our society. So it is important that we should know what social care is and how it works. Moving on, we will be discussing different aspects of the concept and looking at it through the scope of the Singapore city-state.

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In order to provide the readers with a clear picture of the concept, different topics shall be discussed. Before moving any further we need to know the definition and meaning of social care, first and foremost we will be looking at the definition of social care. After this, we shall discuss the topic of social care in Singapore under which we shall be looking at following: National council of social services (NCSS) Singapore, Different types of social care services in Singapore, and Social care agencies in Singapore.

Before moving any further it should be noted that social care may also be termed as social services and vice versa. This is because social care is a synonym of social service and therefore should not be taken otherwise.

What is social care?

The term social care refers to a variety of personal care and other types of practical aids provide to those who require extra care and support. Social services may be provided to any needy regardless of age or gender. Moreover, social care does not follow any strict law that says only trained professional can provide such services. Instead, any care provided to someone in need psychologically or physical is considered social care. The person needing social care may be suffering from mental disorders, physically impaired, emotional unwell or even suffering from depression.

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Nevertheless, a social care worker’s job includes following a care plan in order to provide practical and emotional care to the needy person. Adding to this, social care may work in-home setting, care homes (community centre), and so on.  Professional social services use different plans including strength-based plans and needs-based plans. This is done in order to provide the best care possible as per patients needs.

Social care in Singapore

In this section of the social care sample essay, we shall go through the various components of social services in the Singapore city-state. The healthcare and education system of Singapore is considered one of the best around the world. The social care in Singapore is no different; the services provided by the organizations of Singapore are world-class.

Apart from the governments own regulating organization, there are various different agencies in Singapore that provide social care services. Adding to that, there are different kinds of social services available for the needy. Moving on, we shall discuss all of these things later in the paragraph.

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National council of social services (NCSS) Singapore

The national council of social services or also known as NCSS is the government organization that regulates and provides social care services in the city-state of Singapore. As the name suggests, NCSS is a non-profitable organization with the sole purpose of providing the best possible social services to the citizens of Singapore.

Moreover, NCSS works towards improving the social care services while expanding the scope of the same. This includes providing a better care environment for the needy as well as providing more effective services. Plus they also develop plans for better social care.

Moreover, in the next section, there are different types of social care services that are provided by NCSS in Singapore, which we will be discussing in the next section.

Different types of social care services in Singapore

The types of social care services difference patient to patient as per their needs. This is because a certain person may need psychological aid while another person might require physical or emotional aid. Moving on to the different types of social care as mentioned below:

  • Education
  • food assistance
  • health care
  • police
  • fire service
  • job training
  • subsidized housing
  • adoption
  • community management
  • policy research
  • lobbying

Social care agencies in Singapore

As we discussed previously, apart from the NCSS there are numerous social care agencies i.e. care homes and nursing centres which provide social care services for the needy. These areas mentioned below:

  • Children & Youth Agencies.
  • Children & Young Persons Residential Care Homes.
  • Early Intervention Centre
  • Family Service Centre
  • Senior Activity Centre
  • Senior Citizens Homes.
  • Special Education Schools.

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