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Updated on: 20th Nov 2021

NUR09717 Promoting Excellence In Older People’s Care Assignment Example Singapore

The focus within this module is the well-being of older people. Global demographics will be discussed in relation to the worldwide growing population, which has led many countries around the world like Canada and the United States alike to make policies with respect on how we can address individualized approaches towards care for our aging society. Topics such as housing options; social inclusion/exclusion issues faced by various demographic groups (elderly); health promotion programs offered through community organizations or hospitals that provide services targeted at those without coverage will all become relevant topics when considering healthy aging strategies.

You will explore theories that direct and inform care practice such as the most common nursing theories from physical, psychological, social aspects. You’ll also consider how best to plan for your patient’s health in order to achieve optimum outcomes with quality of life through prevention or management when it comes to their dementia frailty delirium. Preventing these conditions at an early stage can be beneficial by providing support around activities that prevent decline associated with aging.

There are a lot of things you can do with your time, but one way to get the most from it would be by investing in yourself. This module will teach you about self-care and independence while also teaching others how they’re doing their part! You’ll learn what kind of skillset is best for an aging individual through case examples that were created specifically around these topics – no more guessing or second-hand knowledge when we have all been there ourselves at some point!

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Learning Outcomes In NUR09717 Promoting Excellence in Older People’s Care Assignment

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Assignment Activity 1: Examine the relationship between the aging population and the health care priorities within nursing practice today.

Nurses focus a lot on nutrition, safety and home care today. There are fewer nurses in hospital wards for people with chronic diseases like dementia or Parkinson’s disease, but more nurses in the community who look after otherwise healthy people.

Aging is a natural process that affects everyone at some point of their lives. This has led to an increased number of aged population into nursing homes that factors into the growth of healthcare expenditure. As societies get older, it means more demand for health professionals to provide care while also seeking better ways to make it affordable for all citizens (especially low-income individuals). Services like preventive medicine take precedence over physical medicine by ensuring healthy lifestyles through various ways such as nutrition counseling and exercise classes.

As the population ages, many seniors will need help with their medical needs. It will be challenging for caregivers to find time to care for themselves and others because they are often overextended. The lack of time spent by care providers on self-care can lead to fatigue, burnout, or dismissal from the profession. There are several options today that have shown benefits in addressing these challenges in the future when it becomes more commonplace within nursing practice.

One possible option is defined hours work shifts specifically for assisting clients with different levels of dependency needs, which would allow nurses to also have appropriate breaks between providing care without interrupting their family time or working late into the night after a full day at work.

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Assignment Activity 2: Evaluate evidence-based for the assessment, planning and evaluation of holistic and compassionate care for older adults and their families.

The Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation of Holistic and Compassionate Care for Older Adults and their Families is a great resource for those looking to learn more about the process. The guidelines provide concise explanations on how to apply holistic/compassionate principles in an assessment; plan patient care; assess family needs; assess spiritual needs; assess interpersonal needs; assess discharge readiness parameters; develop individualized discharge plans with goals for engaging family members in the care of older adults. 

Reducing a person or a group to a diagnosis is dehumanizing and qualifies as discrimination, which makes it morally wrong.

We have the Responsibility to Protect our elders from all forms of harm– including stigmatization. But we also have the Responsibility to Accommodate their needs, even if that means modifying an activity or evaluation instrument so it can be used by everyone. Most importantly though, we have the Responsibility to Care for them with dignity and respect, no matter what their current physical capabilities are.

If you measure assessment, planning, and evaluation based on how well it works throughout all phases of life–from childhood to old age–then yes! And of course, this will be best done through expert observation at multiple levels (the individual family level, cross-generational levels), blended with community connections across contexts (elderly school programs/hospitals) which promote exchange at every level that is meaningful to each human being’s needs.

Assignment Activity 3: Evaluate the concept of healthy aging and the national and international strategies for health promotion.

The World Health Organization’s Guidelines on Healthy Aging provides information about the health, economic and social consequences of old age, as well as how to promote healthy aging.

The need for government intervention in promoting healthy ageing is clear. “National initiatives can provide mechanisms for mobilizing communities to work together to enhance their sense of control over their future, improve public awareness of the consequences of unhealthy ageing, protect basic human rights for older adults.”

A recent study reveals that seniors are often less physically active than recommended guidelines state they should be. What’s so worrying about this? Research shows that this may lead people to have an earlier death due to things like heart problems or Type 2 Diabetes. Conversely, adults that are more physically active reap many psychological and physical benefits, including healthy aging.

Senior health is of concern to several countries because of an aging population. That being said, new research shows that the risk for obesity-related illnesses increase with age.

Obesity-related illnesses are becoming an increasingly important issue for adults over the age of 65. As documented in “The Effects of Obesity on Functional Limitations in Older Adults” by Alice Ammerman et al., older adults are at a higher risk to face many health problems including osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Mary Woolley, president of the non-profit organization Research! America, states that these problems will greatly affect the quality of life for older adults and could potentially cause an overall decrease in life expectancy. This is a huge issue because of the aging population.

Assignment Activity 4: Critically explore the effectiveness of nursing theories and approaches to working with older people who have complex needs.

The once radical and confrontational stance of nursing theory and practice seems to gradually shift towards catering to the “needs” of patients, which are often simplistically translated as their individual physiological needs.

This shift in focus has resulted in a marked increase in cynicism among nurses about nursing theories, approaches, knowledge-building practices, definitions of quality care, etc., which have accompanied these changes. Furthermore, it seems that while younger nurses may sometimes openly resist or challenge what they perceive as less honorable aspects of this shift while still working within the confines into which it has driven them, older nurses may become cynical by virtue due to having personally experienced how radically different things were just a few decades ago.

A lot of nursing theorists and nurses are very university-centric which means that here in Aotearoa (New Zealand) the way I am taught to work with older people is heavily influenced by western European university philosophies. This approach assumes that it is possible to use nursing theories and approaches to work with any kind of person who has complex needs. Although this is theoretically possible, if they were living within a different sociocultural context, their experience would probably be quite different. 

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