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Updated on: 5th Mar 2021

Teleology Essay

Teleology is a philosophical concept; it concerns itself with actions and purpose. Regardless, it is an important topic to understand. In fact, not just in philosophy, this concept is applied in many other fields. Moreover, in this sample essay, we shall discuss the topic of Teleology. In order to understand this concept fully well, we shall be looking at different aspects of the concept.

First of all, we shall discuss what is teleology, as it is important to understand the term before we proceed any further. After this, we shall briefly discuss the history of teleology to know where it originated. Later on, we will be looking at theories of teleology and finishing this sample essay with the importance of teleology.

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What is teleology?

Teleology or also known as finality is the reason or explanation of phenomena with respect to their purpose instead of the reason for their arising. Moreover, the word origins from Greek as part “telos” means goal or aim whereas “logos” meaning explanation.  Adding to that, we can say that it is a philosophical concept that concerns morals and ethics.

Mainly teleology concerns studying ethics. However, it is applied in many disciplines including philosophy, medical, business, and many types of sciences. Regardless, we shall look into the history of teleology to truly understand it. So we shall start without further adieu.

History of teleology

The term teleology first came into being back in days Aristotle. In fact, it was first discussed in the work of Plato and Aristotle named “Four causes”. As much of philosophical concepts, it too originated in Greece. Moreover, it talked in the context of both; human beings and Subhuman nature.

Moving on, there are different types of teleological concepts, which are going to discuss in the next paragraph.

Theories of teleology

Mainly, there are three of teleological theories in mainstream philosophy. These three as namely:

  • Ethical Egoism
  • Utilitarianism
  • Eudaimonism

Now we shall discuss each of these three theories of teleology in brief below. So without further adieu:

Ethical Egoism

This theory of teleology says that an action is good if it produces an outcome that maximizes an individual’s interest as described by them, even at other’s expense. Moreover, this theory is based on the notion that to promote own good is always moral, yet given times avoiding self-interest is a moral action nonetheless. Furthermore, this is the reason ethical distinguishing egoism different from psychological egoism.

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The teleological theory of utilitarianism implies that an action is considered good if the result maximizes self-satisfaction for a group of people, who are most likely to get affected by the action.


The Eudaimonism theory says that an action is good if it action is good if the result is the fulfillment of a goal while considering human welfare. In simple words, an action is fruitful if it promotes the fulfillment of a goal while taking part in human nature’s happiness.

Importance of teleology

Teleology is an age-old concept of philosophy, as old as philosophy itself. As we read above, teleology concerns itself with ethics, what’s right and who it affects. Moreover, it is a quite important concept of philosophy and it is implemented in fields like economic, medical, business. And so on. Furthermore, theories of teleology help in understanding the results of actions and who it affects.

Adding to that, it looks at actions and their purpose from a moral and ethical perspective. Teleological ethics also helps in understanding what a good action is and why it is a good action. As a result, it becomes an important concept not just in philosophy but also study of morals and ethics.

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