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Writing an essay on Health Policy and Planning has become a significant part of several Singaporean students pursuing their educational degree course in the field of public health, health care, or health promotion. Although it gets a bit hectic for the students to finish their essay writing assignments on time due to a busy schedule or lack of knowledge, they can complete it now with our help.

In this post, we are going to discuss how one can write an excellent essay on health policy and planning, including all the necessary relevant information. Besides, you will also come across a perfectly formatted sample that will familiarize you with the key details essential to be embedded in a health policy & planning essay.

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One should comprehend that health policies basically focus on some health issues and the planning on health promotion. The following essay example on health policy and planning will provide you a thorough understanding of the essential information.

Introduction to Health Policy and Planning

Health policy and planning is a blend of various health practices and their promotion. It basically emphasizes public health research. Planning and producing general guidelines for public health practice as well as developing adequate public health policies is very essential to achieve acme health security for an individual as well as for the society as a whole. It, on a broader level, can back the global health policies and implementation.

WHO, which stands for World Health Organization, plays a vital role in international health policy and global health. The primary responsibility of the WHO is to manage health coordination and provide guidance. Also, it monitors health trends, furnishes each country with appropriate technical support, elucidates policies based on the evidence, composes standards and norms, & produces health research agenda, etc.

Main purpose of health policy & planning

The primary purpose of planning and formulating health policies is to develop evidence-based practice in health care implementation and redirecting it to the target population.

We can also say that health policies, planning, and promotion aim to provide standardization to the daily operational activities. These are crucial and provide clarity when dealing with the issues & events relevant to health and safety, legal liabilities, and regulatory requirements.

In order to achieve a specific goal, the entire design & procedure goes through many steps, starting with an issue that involves various variables and generally is needed to be solved or solved.

Policies in healthcare are essential as these set a general plan of action used to guide the required outcomes. Also, these act as a fundamental guideline to help make decisions.

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Example of health policy

Health policy is formal or in-formal written statements that are formulated to protect or promote employee health. Supportive workplace health policies come out to be beneficial for a large group of employees and ease adopting healthy behavior.

Here are examples of health policies: –

  • A policy that prohibits the use of tobacco and alcohol at the workplace
  • Policies that instruct to serve healthy foods at company meetings and events
  • Policies that allow employees to work in flexible time duration or to attend health programs

Types of health policies

There are many types of health policies. They can be categorized on various grounds according to the workplace, target population, epidemiology, etc.

Here are some types of health policies: –

  • Global health policy
  • Public health policy
  • Mental health policy
  • Health care services policy
  • Insurance policy
  • Personal healthcare policy
  • Pharmaceutical policy
  • Policies related to public health such as tobacco control policy, vaccination policy, or breastfeeding promotion policy

Analysis of health policy

There are different approaches to health policy analysis. Policy analysis is a collective term that includes a range of techniques & tools to study and comprehend the characteristics of the established policies.

Here are the steps which are to follow for a comprehensive health policy analysis: –

  • Define the context
  • State the problem
  • Search for evidence
  • Consider the different options of policies
  • Project the outcomes
  • Apply the appraising criteria
  • Assess the outcomes
  • Make the decision

Why is health policy and planning needed?

Health policies refer to the decisions, plans, and actions implemented in order to achieve some specific health care objectives within society. There is a fear that the upcoming generations would not be much successful in obtaining a more significant number of their age like the older and current ones. No surprise as in recent times no one is able to keep himself away from smoking or drinking. Although the rate of smoking cigarettes is falling, there is an exponential increase in the number of people drinking heavily.

There is a minority of people who are almost negligible that do exercise often and make enough effort to keep themselves fit and maintain good health.

This is the one reason that there is a need for health care policies and planning for their promotion. There are many other reasons also which stand for the requirement of health policy and planning.

Guidelines to write a detailed health policy and promotion plan essay

Writing an essay is a crucial part of the learning process. It helps you to analyze issues raised in your studies and relate them to your own personal experience. You can interpret these issues according to your way of thinking, or any other more extensive research or reading you have done in order to deal with the given essay topic.

In order to produce an up to par essay about health promotion and planning, you can obey the following tips: –

  • Focus on the subject or the question behind the topic and find relevant information
  • Structure your readings, knowledge, & information logically, clearly, and precisely yet in a concise manner.
  • Do not just read any paper/ book but read it purposefully and critically in order to gain crucial information.
  • Try to relate the theory to practical examples.
  • Analyze processes and issues
  • Be persuasive and debate about any particular case.
  • Blend all the essential cum relevant information in a proper, logical, clear format

Besides all this, make sure that you have answered the essay question clearly, and one can thoroughly understand the topic from your essay.

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