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HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning Assignment Sample – NTU Singapore

The very well known Nanyang Technological University (NTU) which is situated in Singapore has designed HY0001 ethics and moral reasoning which is an online Learning Course for NTU undergraduates.

Students can access the content through and NTUlearn website. Each lesson consists of activities, assignments, multiple choice quizzes and discussion questions.

Students are provided with an assignment list with the deadline. Students would be required to complete the lesson sequences in order and cannot skip any in the middle. Students feel nervous as these assessments carry maximum weight age while scoring of final grades.

Students search for NTU assignment help so that they can complete this online course on time.

Students due to busy schedule find it difficult to balance studying for this online course and overload of assignments.

Here we are providing a sample assignment on ethics and moral reasoning so that students can get a brief idea of the topics on which they would be asked to write assignments on and the learning outcomes of these assessments.

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Defining moral reasoning and ethics

A structured process or systematic approach in which ethical decisions are made is termed as moral reasoning.

Ethical reasoning comprises of using the logic of differentiating between right and wrong issues.

Description of HY0001 ethics and moral reasoning course

While pursuing this course student would be able to analyze the ethical and moral values like impartiality, benevolence and integrity.

Students will learn about topics like introduction to moral reasoning and ethics; utilitarianism deontology; virtue ethics; whistle blowing; corporate accountability; academic integrity; copyright of intellectual property; research ethics; environmental ethics and others.

To study various ethical theories that is a part of contemporary moral philosophy.

These ethical theories will develop critical thinking in students regarding difficult moral questions.

Students will have to articulate reasoned answers of many moral questions which would be a challenge for them.

Students would have to undergo a deep comprehensive study of research, ethics and academic integrity to complete exercises related to moral reasoning.

This is a time consuming process which urges students to search for solved assessment answers on the net.

By the end students will discuss topics regarding the importance of ethics in sustaining of the natural environment.

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Learning outcomes of HY0001 course

By the completion of the term student would be able to

  1. To analyze the moral argument is well  supported by a moral claim
  2. To articulate moral value features like situations, policies and decisions
  3. Discussing and explaining the academic integrity; its moral reasons and rules
  4. Becoming morally sensitive to issues related to ethical dilemmas pertaining in global commerce
  5. Identifying of ethical issues in business organizations
  6. be able to identify risk, benefits, consequences, stakeholders, long term and short term goals, geo-ethical issues
  7. Formation of ethical conduct and resolving ethical and moral dilemmas

The University has strictly enforced the deadline to each member who has registered for this course. Students would be graded as fail if they are unable to submit their assignments to the university within a stipulated time.

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