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BCBS003 Organisational Behaviour Assignment Sample Singapore

The BCBS003 Organisational Behaviour course has been really insightful so far. I have learned about different theories of motivation and how to apply them in a business setting. The most interesting thing that I have learned is that there is no one perfect theory that will work for every organization or employee. Each individual is unique and requires a different approach when it comes to motivating them. I can’t wait to see what else the course has in store for us!

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Understand the key determinants of human behavior at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

The three key determinants of human behavior at the individual, group, and organizational levels are culture, environment, and genes.

At the individual level, culture is the most important determinant of human behavior. Culture is the shared set of beliefs, values, and norms that a group of people subscribes to. It shapes how people think and behave.

At the group level, the environment is the most important determinant of human behavior. The environment includes the physical surroundings as well as the social and cultural context in which people live their lives. It influences how people think and behave.

At the organizational level, genes are the most important determinant of human behavior. Genes are responsible for shaping a person’s physical characteristics as well as certain cognitive and behavioral traits. They can affect how people think and behave, both in the short term and the long term.

Overall, understanding the key determinants of human behavior is essential for being able to effectively manage people within an organization. By recognizing these different influences, managers can create better working environments that foster collaboration and productivity.

Apply Organisational Behaviour concepts in improving personal, interpersonal, and group interaction skills.

There are a number of different organizational behaviour concepts that can be applied in order to improve personal, interpersonal and group interaction skills. Some of these concepts include leadership theory, power and influence, motivation, communication, and team dynamics.

Each of these concepts can be studied and understood in greater detail in order to help improve individual’s interactions with others. For example, by studying leadership theory one can learn about the different styles of leaders and how they can influence their followers. This information can then be used to develop an understanding of what type of leader one is most likely to respond to positively, and work on incorporating those qualities into one’s own leadership style.

Similarly, by understanding power and influence one can learn about different types of power and their varying effects on people.

One can also learn about the different theories of motivation, such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and how to use them in order to motivate oneself or others.

Communication is another important concept that can be studied in order to improve one’s interpersonal skills. By understanding communication theory, one can learn about different types of communication and how to effectively communicate with others.

Finally, by studying team dynamics one can learn about the different roles people take on within a team and how to foster an effective working environment.

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