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BUS6061 E-Business Assignment Sample

The BUS6061 E-Business course is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn how to use technology, websites, and platforms to grow and expand their businesses. With a range of topics such as developing an e-business strategy, implementing a marketing plan, and measuring results, it provides comprehensive skills that are essential for success in today’s digital world.

The course also covers financial management principles and practices, studying customer behavior online, understanding the business side of computer networks, and even how to develop a secure e-commerce presence. Students will come away with all of the tools necessary to help bring their ideas to life.

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Here, we explain some assignment activities that include:

Assignment Activity 1: Analyse and classify an organization’s current e-business strategy, identifying its strengths and weaknesses relative to those of its direct competitors.

Effective analysis and classification of an organization’s current e-business strategy require thoroughly researching their direct competitors’ projects and identifying the strengths and weaknesses that set them apart. In order to construct a meaningful comparison of the two firms, it is essential to consider aspects such as online presence, customer service delivery, and digital marketing approaches.

By evaluating these areas in an objective manner, relevant insights can be garnered about each business, and observed differences among them are highlighted. Thereafter a comparative summary quantifying any advantages or disadvantages in the incumbent’s e-business strategy versus those of their peers can be formulated. Such an approach will enable the company to build upon existing successes by capitalizing on its competitive advantage while also striving towards improvement in weaker areas to establish a stronger position in the market.

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Assignment Activity 2: Choose effective e-business strategies for the delivery of products and services to increase market share and sustainability.

E-business provides organizations with an effective platform to reach and engage customers, making it necessary for companies to develop effective e-business strategies in order to remain competitive. To start, a well-designed website is an essential asset that allows customers to easily find products and services. Similarly, the use of social media can be instrumental in creating customer engagement and delivering personalized content simultaneously at scale.

Companies can also leverage digital marketing tactics such as email marketing campaigns and search engine optimization techniques to increase brand visibility. Last but not least, effective customer service should always be a priority when using e-business strategies, ensuring that customer feedback is collected, addressed, and taken into consideration when refining strategies moving forward. By employing these measures companies will be able to increase market share by generating more leads while being more sustainable through operational efficiency in the long run.

Assignment Activity 3: Compile and elaborate understanding of concepts, theories, frameworks, and principles for e-commerce and e-business and their competent use.

E-commerce and e-business are two of the fastest-growing industries in today’s digital world. As such, it is important to understand the concepts, theories, frameworks, and principles associated with them so that they can be used effectively and efficiently.

The first concept to consider is customer centricity. This means understanding what customers need and ensuring that products and services are tailored to meet their needs. Customer segmentation is also important as this will allow organizations to target specific audiences with relevant offerings.

Another concept to consider is the use of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data analytics. These can be used to collect, analyze, and interpret customer data in order to gain useful insights.

Furthermore, the use of business models is essential as they can help organizations identify and understand their target markets, profitability potential, competitive advantage, and other important aspects of their business. Finally, it is important to consider the principles of e-commerce such as security, scalability, usability, and accessibility, as these can influence the success of any e-commerce or e-business venture.

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