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Ethics and governance are the key components that organizations need to abide by to engage in fair practices which in turn will benefit the organization, consumer and Society.

A large number of students opts for this subject before stepping into the corporate world.

This course BUSM 3199 ethics and governance are offered by many Singaporean universities but the popular ones are SusS (Singapore University of Social Science), SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) and RMIT.

In this course, students will get an idea of ethics and corporate governance, compliance requirements and regulatory regime.

Besides studying this core course students will have to submit group-based assignments and TMA assignments of BUSM 3199 course.

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These tutor-marked assignment and GBA are an inevitable part of the course as these assignments carry 30% weightage of marks in final results.

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Why is it important to study the BUSM 3199 ethics and governance course?

Corporate governance is gaining importance in today’s global environment. Business ethics is applied to all forms of business, individuals and organizations conduct.

One should understand the governance structures and role of employee’s, management and board in the organization.

Students should understand the ethical problems and moral problems that can arise during the conduct of business.

Everybody wants businesses to conduct operations in a fair and clean manner by abiding by the rule of law which in turn will benefit society.

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The layout of the BUSM 3199 ethics and governance course is as follows:

In this students will gain insights into how the corporate world works by understanding

  1. Introduction of ethics: objectives, sources, nature, importance, definition and factors affecting Business Ethics.
  2. Norms, values and beliefs: morals vs. ethics; beliefs, values, norms and their role; ethical theories and codes; the value of managers.
  3. Corporate governance: financial market role insider trading; whistleblowing issues, ethical problems in corporate governance, GE’s initiative of sustainability and Microsoft antitrust case.
  4. Corporate social responsibility: importance and nature of CSR; shareholders, stakeholders and business ethics; conflicts between stakeholders; CSR initiatives at the organization for example at HSBC
  5. Business ethics and employees: employer ethical issues, employee relations, working conditions, the privacy of employee, discrimination within the organization.
  6. Business ethics and consumers: ethical problems in advertising, marketing and on the global platform: limits of caveat emptor doctrine.

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Learning outcomes of The BUSM 3199 ethics and governance course:

If students are able to complete the course successfully they should be able to:

  1. Understand the meaning of corporate governance and ethics
  2. Recognition of various theories of corporate governance
  3. Understanding of an ethical governance effect on the corporate world
  4. Fixing issues in current corporate governance and finding more effective solutions
  5. Assessing corporate governance theories in a social context
  6. Analyzing the adverse effect of unethical and inadequate approach of corporate governance
  7. Analyzing how ethics impact business and profitability
  8. Applying the code of governance and control measures within an organization
  9. Responsibility and accountability of governance and ethics by auditors, board committee and directors of the organization.
  10. Suggesting organization the approaches of ethical management.

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