The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Questions

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You are Tasked to Design a Canned Food Inventory System to Support the Operation: Introduction to Programming in Java Assignment, RMIT

Introduction to Programming in Java AssignmentCanned food Inventory SystemA warehouse is designed to store canned food in a standard bin.Each bin can store up to 10 canned foods.Each bin only stores the same type of canned food.All the bin stores different type of canned food.You are tasked to design a Canned food Inventory

Kaplan has Engaged You to Design and Implement an Office Network: Introduction to Programming in Java Assignment, RMIT

Assignment Details and Requirements:Case Study:Kaplan has engaged you to design and implement an office network for a new office comprising HR executives (4), sales consultants (6), and Accounting executives (6). The new office is to be located on Orchard Road. The HR executives are responsible for staff recruitments for the main campus at

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MKTG 1052: It was Close to Lunchtime in Singapore When a Long-time Customer: Buyer Behaviour Assignment, RMIT

Case studyTeng’s TravelIt was close to lunchtime in Singapore when a long-time customer, Mr. Joe Teng, walked into the offices of Global Voyages and began to raise his voice in anger. He was not in a joyful mood. When employees at the travel agency offered to help, he brushed them aside. He wanted to see the owner demand his three airline

MKTG1047: U & Me (Which can be Abbreviated to UM) is a Fictitious Fashion Apparel Brand: Market Research Assignment, RMIT

Market Research BriefCompany BackgroundU & Me (which can be abbreviated to UM) is a fictitious fashion apparel brand that offers personalized products manufactured in Singapore. Their product range includes clothing, bags, hats, shoes, and jewelry. All products can be personalized to order – for example, customers can customize their

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This Case Study Describes How a Company Embarked on Improving Its Image: Organizational Analysis Assignment, RMIT

Assignment BriefThis case study describes how a company embarked on improving its image to its customer base. The company formed a community of practice amongst its employees, with the goal of developing a positive image of the company, by highlighting the company's positive impact on the community and environment. The company also set aside a

ECON1056: In the Island Nation of Autarka, the Government Holds a Monopoly: Price Theory Industry Analysis Assignment, RMIT

ScenarioIn the island nation of Autarka, the government holds a monopoly over the provision of air freight services. Both the general public and business groups regularly complain about high prices and poor quality of service from the government-owned monopoly, Autarka Airfreight Services (AAS).In response to these complaints, the national

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BAFI 1045: You are Required to Analyse a Listed Company and Prepare an Investment Recommendation Report: Investment – Company Valuation Assignment, RMIT

Assignment Brief:You are required to analyse a listed company and prepare an investment recommendation report. The report provides an assessment of the company’s current position and future prospects, incorporating the use of various valuation techniques to arrive at estimates of the intrinsic value of the company’s shares.Your report s

BUSM 3115: In 2019 Optus Came Under Fire from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: Ethics & Governance Report, RMIT

Topic 1: Optus misleading customersIn 2019 Optus came under fire from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC - the Australian Consumer Watchdog) for misleading consumers about the need to move to the National Broadband Network (NBN) or risk being disconnected. The board of CorpCo would like a board paper with recommendations o

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BUSM 4554: Uses Data from the BUPA Health Insurance Call Centre. Each Observation Includes Data from One Call: Basic Econometrics Assignment, RMIT

PART 1This assignment uses data from the BUPA health insurance call centre. Each observation includes data from one call to the call centre. The variables describe several characteristics of the call (eg the length of the call, the amount of silence in the call), characteristics of the customer (eg state of residence, family type, number of adu

BUSM 4547: How to Design Both Soft and Hard Processes (e.g., Leadership/Culture, Ethics/CSR, and/or HRM): Management in Practice Assignment, RMIT

Purpose of the assignment:This assignment is designed to get you to think more deeply about how you might solve the management challenge and why your chosen approach could be the “best way.” The main focus is on you discovering the best possible organizational process in realizing the proposed direction of the company. That is, the question

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