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GSP171 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law in Singapore SUSS Assignment Sample

Laws are considered as the fundamental needs of every individual residing in any country.

Singapore is credibly known securing top position in Asia for IP rights.

Students who want to make his career in the legal field should have knowledge regarding all the rules and laws prevailing in Singapore.

In verge of making Singaporean students aware regarding issues in intellectual property the Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) has designed this (GSP171) intellectual property law course.

SUSS is offering (GSP171) as a modular undergraduate course for the duration of 6 months.

Besides this outstanding course students would be given group based assignments (GBA) and tutor marked assignments (TMA). Moreover in addition to this course will also conduct an online exam which is known as timed online assessment.

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Basic explanation of intellectual property law (GSP171) course

Intellectual property law focuses on how to implement, develop and force intellectual property rights related to patent, trademarks, licenses or copyrights.

Intellectual property lawyers can claim or register intellectual property of individuals or companies.

Areas of intellectual property law are:

  1. Patent
  2. Trademarks
  3. Copyrights
  4. Industrial design rights
  5. Trade secrets
  6. Plant variety rights
  7. Trade dress

Three segments on which intellectual property lawyers focuses on are:

  • Counseling
  • Protecting
  • Enforcing

Intellectual property law at International Level

General agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT) was signed internationally which deals into protection of:

  • The right of national treatment
  • The right of priority

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Synopsis of (GSP 171) Intellectual Property (IP) Law course

 Intellectual property law plays a vital role in growth and act as catalyst for your business success.

This course (GSP 171) will cover all important topics like:

  • Intellectual property (IP) laws prevailing in Singapore
  • Creation, protection and exploitation of IP rights
  • Protection of IP which includes patent, trademarks, copyrights, and confidential information
  • IP issues, laws and legislation
  • Practical issues like marketing and use of IP rights like franchising and licensing
  • Strategic management of IP portfolios
  • Remedies of IP rights
  • IP law sources
  • Transfer of intellectual property ownership
  • IP management in business

Whether it’s an MNC or a small startup, protection of intellectual property rights should be the top most priority for any organization.

(GSP 171) intellectual property law course draws attention of students towards subject of law as it can be very helpful in their career as most of the students are running behind computer, science, art, Fashion, Technology, and IT related courses.

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Upshots of (GSP 171) Intellectual Property Law Course

 (GSP 171) course will teach Singapore students about dealing of IP rights, its protection and related issues effectively.

Learning upshots of (GSP 171) intellectual property law course are: 

  1. Classification of different IP rights
  2. Differentiation between various IP protection
  3. Explanation of IP law protection and sources
  4. Identifying nature of IP rights forced on the owners
  5. Analyzing IP protection security requirements
  6. Defining Infringement and application of it in IP rights
  7. Recognizing, creation and existence of IP rights
  8. Implication of most perfect IP protection form regarding any subject
  9. IP rights demonstration such as transfer of ownership and licensing

Students after successfully completing this course will have basic understanding of IP laws its protection, its policies, objectives, and limitations. This course focuses on balancing protection of law while protecting technological development and public welfare.

Students should understand that (TMA) tutor marked assignment is the most important aspect if they want to score well as they carry a good percentage of weight age in the final scores indicated in the mark sheet of (GSP171) course.

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