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SOC355 Sociology of Law and Order Assignment Sample SUSS

SOC355 Sociology of Law and Order Assignment Sample SUSS

In SOC355 Sociology of Law and Order course examines the issues of social order and social control in society. Models of social control are examined, along with law enforcement systems as one mechanism for maintaining law and order. Deviance within a community is explored, including how it’s defined through laws enforced by governments or other forces that allow societies to maintain their own rules (i.e., morality).

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TOA, TMA, GBA Assignment sample of Sociology of Law and Order module SUSS Singapore

At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn the Sociology of Law and Order module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the key facets of the various criminological theories, crime prevention strategies as well as criminal justice institutions and practices;

Criminology is the study of crime and elucidates concepts, theories, and research about crime. It has historically been a more applied field with practitioners employed in a variety of roles across government organizations such as criminal justice departments, legal professions for prosecuting or defending people accused of crimes, private-sector security services such as guards, and expert witnesses at trials.

Recent times have seen many criminologists take academic positions in universities all over the world who share their knowledge through teaching that covers everything from environmental criminology to gender criminology all with the ultimate goal of refining our understanding of this ever-evolving social phenomenon.

Criminal justice institutions are the established systems of laws, courts, prisons, probation, etc. through which societies enforce their normative conceptions of an individual’s role in society.

Crime prevention strategies are any actions taken to minimize crime across a population by decreasing risk factors or increasing protective factors. Examples include subsidized clothes washing to prevent homelessness, extra police presence at schools during certain hours to prevent truancy and burglary, etc.

Crime control strategies are methods used by criminal justice systems to monitor and control individuals who have committed crimes after being arrested for them – parole services, incarceration rates, mandatory sentencing laws, etc.

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2. Analyze the development of these concepts, theories, strategies institutions, and practices in light of political, historical, social, and cultural factors and events;

In SOC355 Sociology of Law and Order assignment sample Political and social theory and history is a tool that describes how society interacts in different tools with the world. Understanding the development of light of political concepts, theories, strategies can help you move from responding to questions with simplistic answers to more nuanced answers that offer a deeper understanding of current events.

In this way, political theory offers an approach for exploring these relationships by revealing how they might be subjectively rather than objectively rendered. For example, it might explore how power is handled through government or what its form was in biblical times versus today.

With a basic understanding of political theory information gathered in this manner can be applied to new situations and decisions with a working framework for evaluating contending perspectives on any subject area being explored.

3. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of these concepts, theories, strategies, institutions, and practices in light of credible empirical research and prevailing social norms;

It is important to practice in light of credible empirical research and prevailing social norms. This is because if we fail to do so, it can result in great distress for others who are likely unaware that we might not be following, and also creates unwitting miscommunication between us and them.

It’s important to be careful when discussing practices and methods outside of what the norms of society consider “standard,” or it can lead to misunderstanding which seems harmless at first but actually has some significant disadvantages.

Specifically, this could lead both members of the conversation to believe they had a shared understanding when neither were privy to information necessary for such an understanding. Seeking specific clarification will allow the communicators on both sides of the dialogue more clarity on their own stance on the matter.

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4. Appraise how these criminological concepts and theories influence modern criminal justice systems and associated government social policies; and

Appraisal of criminological concepts refers to the evaluation, assessment, and analysis of criminal justice topics.

Several components are often included in criminological appraisals, including introspection on how the topic is used outside of academia; identifying the strengths and weaknesses of theoretical models over time; understanding legal doctrine as it relates to specific issues or research questions under investigation; examining connections between social science research methods and conceptions of validity, reliability, sensitivity to non-independence data sources, cultural relativity in methodology compared with theory guidance for empirical measures.

In traditional criminological theory, crime is not seen as a reactive emotional response to anger or some other instinctive emotion. Instead, crime is primarily considered a rational choice that individuals make because they believe it will lead to either pleasure or profit. In both cases, the decision process involves critical thinking and the assumption of risk. It also implies an evaluation of alternatives with comparative benefits and costs on each alternative.

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5. Appraise these concepts, theories, strategies, institutions, and practices using his/her own personal and professional experiences in order to determine the validity and/or efficacy of the same in Singapore.

In SOC355 Sociology of Law and Order, the validity of criminological concepts is defined by the correlation between theory and practice.

Correlation, specificity, temporal sequence, and dose-response are four concepts that seem to be fairly universally accepted as components of a reliable causal explanation in research methodology. All four of these concepts are important because they provide a way to evaluate whether or not certain variables definitely produce specific effects on social processes.

In all research environments, practitioners must decide if their data provide enough information for them to generalize beyond the observable data or whether additional studies need to be done in order for a researcher to responsibly claim that there is an increased probability that this variable has caused the change in the social phenomenon being studied.

I have had personal experience with some criminological concepts in Singapore, and that experience has been enough to convince me that the validity of criminological concepts is a worthwhile topic for discussion.

In my own life, I’ve personally seen the devastating effects of criminal activity on victims and their loved ones. Criminals can steal from us or worse they can rob us of our very lives.

This is why it’s so important for all Singaporeans to understand and recognize the gravity and value associated with crime prevention. Before we delve into any discussion about criminology, let’s first take a moment to remember that at the end of the day we’re talking about protecting society as one united people.

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6. Develop research skills to consider theories in light of the evidence of practices in the local or other contexts

The research skills appropriate to this question would provide a methodology and conceptual framework through which to view theories in light of the actual evidence of practices. This skill will also allow an individual to see how practical knowledge is generated, filtered, and taught.

Since this question presupposes that you are already ‘considering theories’, then it seems clear that such considerations should be contextualized by the evidence of what is actually practiced. We can conceptualize any given theoretical framework as a sentence composed of two parts:

1) the verb phrase describing each step or action taken in order to produce something.

2) its direct object – namely, the thing created in response to those actions (or alternatively, someone who performs these actions).

The idea that criminological theories are about something, implies that the former component of the sentence is a verb. In this sense, any theory can be broken down into its verb components as it relates to the actions taken in the social world and the consequences those actions produce.

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