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SOC203 SUSS Living Sociology Assignment Sample

SUSS University, one of the top colleges for Social Sciences in Singapore offers various courses in different fields. SOC203 Living Sociology is one of the courses whose name lies in the list of top most opted courses by most of the students of Singapore.

SOC203 Living Sociology course attracts students towards itself by generating their interest in the field of sociology. It introduces the necessary idea/ abstract, theoretical outlook, methods of study of society, human social interaction while maintaining a special focus on important sociological issues like ethnocentrism, class, family, gender and social change. Through this course, students will be able to understand the social issues and will be able to take practical experience by considering the issues in the Singapore context.

What will students learn in SOC203 Living Sociology course?

In SOC203 SUSS Living Sociology course, students will learn about the sociological issues occur in the society, culture and socialization, theoretical views and a general idea of sociology, gender, colour, family, sexuality, class, group etc.

Students will learn about social terms and will get a chance to experience them in the outer world. They can see the issues arising among the people what they study in the theory. Students will learn the research studies and methods of sociology. They will get a theoretical approach to social issues like inequalities (on basis of colour, gender, cast etc.), social changes etc.

Students will get to understand that human behaviour is developed by the groups/ class from which they belong and the social activities and social power which they feel external to them.

Anything other than studies?

Apart from studies and gaining theoretical knowledge, students will get a chance to explore them in the outer world and get practical experience by watching and analyzing the issues arising around them.

Other than this practical experience and studies, in completion of the course, students will be given TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project) which include assessments, case studies, report writing, making project report, dissertation and research report etc.

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Topics included in SOC203 Living Sociology SUSS course:

  1. Discipline of Sociology
  2. Social Issues
  3. Inequalities
  4. Social changes
  5. A theoretical approach to emerging issues due to social changes
  6. Socialization and culture
  7. Methods of sociology
  8. Parts of social structure: groups, status, roles and network
  9. Sociological information: sociological views and methods

What do students need to do in SOC203 Living Sociology course?

Students need to study seriously by the starting of the course and do all the TMA and FYP on time. They will learn about social activities and issues theoretically as well as experience them practically in the outer world. Students should take everything seriously and make sure that any of the topics don’t remain unread.

After the studies and learning, there come the assignments and projects. The TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project) carries 40% weightage in the final result of the student. Students should complete them on time with accuracy otherwise they will get low internal marks which will reflect in their low aggregate in the final mark sheet.

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