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Updated on: 21st Apr 2023

COU157 Counselling Adolescents SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

COU157 Counselling Adolescents course is an introductory course to the practice of counselling adolescents. It will explore how to recognise and understand adolescent developmental stages, effective therapeutic techniques for working with adolescents, the ethical considerations related to working with this age group, and developing a successful professional relationship with adolescent clients.

The course will cover topics such as understanding adolescent development; recognizing signs of mental illness; implementing therapeutic strategies for addressing common adolescent issues, such as anxiety and depression; exploring the role of family and community in the counselling process; applying ethical principles to adolescent counselling; and developing professional relationships with adolescents.

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Let’s dive into the particulars of these assignment activities:

Assignment Activity 1: Define the nature of adolescents.

Adolescence is a period of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development that occurs during the transition from childhood to adulthood. During this stage of life, children experience dramatic physical growth as well as changes in their brain functions and social roles. At the same time, adolescents often become more independent and may form their own values and beliefs.

As such, adolescence can be an exciting yet challenging time. The unique characteristics of this stage create an opportunity for young people to form healthy identities and explore relationships with others before fully committing themselves to life as adults.

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Assignment Activity 2: Discuss the inferences of childhood experiences on adolescent development.

As adolescents prepare for the transition to adulthood, it can be beneficial to consider the impact of childhood experiences on their development. While parents, teachers, and peers can influence adolescent behaviour, research has indicated that more fundamental determinants of social and cognitive development have been formed early in life.

Childhood experiences tend to shape an individual’s belief systems and provide a basis upon which they both interact with the world around them and make personal decisions. Therefore, adults seeking to support adolescents must recognize that elements of the past can influence interpersonal relationships and educational pathways in this crucial stage of growth and maturation.

Assignment Activity 3: Explain what is involved in a proactive approach to counselling adolescents.

Taking a proactive approach to counselling adolescents involves understanding the unique needs of each individual, as no two adolescents are exactly alike. Counsellors must take an active stance and build trust through open communication which encourages honesty and reduces stigmatisation. During sessions, counsellors should look for opportunities to help their clients develop positive coping skills such as problem-solving, goal-setting and self-care strategies.

Establishing a supportive and non-judgemental environment is essential for clients to feel safe discussing sensitive topics, like traumatic experiences or difficult emotions. It is also important to remember that reaching out for help can be daunting for an adolescent, much less seeking mental health services – so treating them with empathy, warmth, compassion and respect is essential in creating an environment where they can thrive.

Assignment Activity 4: Debate how to make counselling relevant to adolescents.

Adolescence is a critical period in life where individuals decide the path they will take in the long term. To ensure that adolescents make thoughtful decisions and transition smoothly into adulthood, it’s essential to make counselling relevant to them. This can be accomplished by having counsellors focus on helping teenagers identify their values and interests while also being cognizant of any challenges they are facing.

Additionally, age-appropriate materials should be used in providing information during counselling sessions as young adults tend to relate better when language is at their level. Lastly, positive reinforcement for goal attainment can be used by counsellors as a way to motivate adolescents towards success. All these strategies can play a crucial role in making counselling an engaging experience so that teenagers are open to exploring themselves and viewing challenges from different perspectives.

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Assignment Activity 5: Identify mental health problems in adolescents.

Identifying mental health problems in adolescents can be difficult, as many of the symptoms are similar to typical teenage behaviour. However, some red flags may include persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, significant changes in sleep patterns, a decrease in interest in school or other activities they previously enjoyed, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, frequent outbursts of anger, difficulty concentrating on tasks and withdrawal from social activities. If you observe any of these signs in an adolescent, it is important to seek professional help to assess their mental well-being and determine the best course of treatment.

Assignment Activity 6: Apply specialised counselling skills in working with adolescents.

Working with adolescents can require dedicated focus and specialised counselling skills. It is important to understand the unique challenges that come with working through issues that are often specific to the adolescent stage of life, and the ability to be compassionate and understanding in each individual case. It is beneficial for a counsellor to possess heightened knowledge of developmental psychology as well as contemporary trends among adolescents.

This way, accurate assessments and interventions can be made regarding thought patterns, behaviour, and lifestyle choices. Specialised counselling skills are imperative in helping guide adolescents toward reaching their fullest potential as they traverse turbulent adolescence into adulthood.

Assignment Activity 7: Develop a proactive approach to counselling adolescents.

Counselling adolescent is a challenging process, but with a proactive approach, it can produce remarkable results. The most effective approach is to focus on building trust and establishing an open dialogue with adolescents so counsellors can work together towards meaningful and achievable outcomes. This starts by actively listening and respecting the adolescent’s voice; reinforcement of capable strengths and recognition of positive decision-making should be the foundations of their counselling experience.

Additionally, counsellors must demonstrate that they are available for ongoing support and check-ins even after the goals have been achieved—allowing the adolescent to know that there is always someone to turn to in times of need. Overall, a proactive approach towards counselling adolescents should result in lasting change through understanding, guidance, and coaching.

Assignment Activity 8: Illustrate with case studies mental health problems in adolescents and relevant interventions.

Adolescence is an incredibly important time for mental health, as the pressures of growing up can cause major development and inflammation. Unfortunately, there are a variety of psychological disorders that can become problematic during this time and understanding these issues is essential. For example, recent studies have shown that 40-60% of adolescents with major depression fail to receive any form of treatment and may experience long-term effects, making early intervention important.

In addition, other reports demonstrate the prevalence of anxiety disorders among young people, with prevalence rates for specific phobias ranging from 5-15%. Understanding these mental health concerns helps pave the way to create effective interventions. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has been found to be especially useful in addressing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse among adolescents.

Other therapies like family therapy can help develop positive home environments for youth struggling with mental health concerns through coaching families about positive communication behaviours and resilience-building practices. With the right resources and tools being provided to those affected by mental illness during adolescence, it is possible to become informed about how best to address the issue in order to ensure they have access to the support they need.

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