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Updated on: 21st Apr 2023

COU154 School-based Counselling SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

COU154 School-based Counselling course provides education, training and consultation services to school personnel as they work with children who are experiencing personal, social, or educational difficulties. The course explores the role of a counsellor in the school environment and examines skills that can be utilized in working with students. It focuses on strategies for understanding student behaviour and developing effective intervention plans.

In addition, students will learn about ethical issues related to counselling in the schools, legal requirements and accountability, and techniques of consultation with teachers, parents and other professionals. The course is a combination of lectures, small group discussions and experiential activities that provide an opportunity for students to gain practical knowledge of school-based counselling.

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In this article, we will cover some assignment briefs and their characteristics. These are:

Assignment brief 1: Present a historical account of the development of school counselling in Singapore.

The history of school counselling in Singapore dates back to 1957, when the government established the first guidance unit in a secondary school. This move was seen as necessary in response to an increase in national flows of refugees and other expatriate populations. By 1966, 13 guidance personnel had been trained and appointed at both primary and secondary schools throughout the country. Further expansion occurred in 1969 with the introduction of specialist trainees in psychology from pre-university institutions like Junior Colleges.

Over time, the focus on school counselling shifted from crisis management to prevention and positive youth development, with emphasis placed on service excellence for all learners. During this period, programmes such as ‘School Drug Education’ were also introduced. Today, school counselling is offered by qualified counsellors or educational psychologists at public schools, who are tasked with providing diversity-sensitive support services for student’s academic and social-emotional development.

In addition, there is greater collaboration between schools and external agencies to ensure the effective linking of resources for holistic pupil care. Taken together, these developments demonstrate Singapore’s commitment towards helping its citizens attain their fullest potential through comprehensive guidance services.

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Assignment Brief 2: Discuss the roles and job scope of school counsellors.

School counsellors are important professionals who understand the challenges and difficulties that children, teens and young adults face during their time in school. Their primary role is to provide emotional and behavioural support to struggling students by enabling them to develop the necessary skills to positively manage difficult emotions. By fostering a supportive learning environment, they help create a safe haven for students – both academically and emotionally.

In addition to counselling sessions, school counsellors also provide critical academic guidance in the form of career exploration, setting educational goals, understanding graduation requirements and completing college applications. During these instances, they act as knowledgeable resources, offering sound advice and considerations when making future decisions. From developing social skills and increasing self-awareness to providing general insights into personal values and moral beliefs, school counsellors enable students to learn how to make informed, independent choices while considering their own best interests.

Assignment Brief 3: Explain the process of setting up school counselling services in schools.

Establishing school counseling services in educational institutions is a critical step toward promoting the overall well-being and academic success of students. The process begins by identifying the specific needs of the school community and the challenges students may face, such as academic, emotional, social, or mental health concerns. Once these needs are determined, school administrators can collaborate with community organizations and mental health professionals to design a comprehensive counseling program tailored to the unique needs of their student population.

To ensure effectiveness and sustainability, it is essential to provide ongoing training to school staff to enhance their ability to support students and identify those who may need additional intervention. Regular evaluation and assessment of the program and its impact on student outcomes are conducted to make necessary modifications and improvements. By implementing a cohesive school counseling program, schools can foster a supportive and nurturing environment that empowers students to navigate their academic journey with confidence and resilience.

Assignment Brief 4: Comment on professional and ethical issues related to school counselling.

Professional and ethical issues related to school counselling are of paramount importance. As a school counsellor, it is essential to be aware of the boundaries between supportive roles and those involving the exchange of information deemed more confidential. It is likewise important to help students understand their rights regarding whom they can open up to in confidence due to varying levels of discretion within educational institutions.

Furthermore, there should always be clear guidelines among both the counsellor and student on how any confidence shared may be used and disseminated, such as informing the student’s parent or guardian or other staff members who may be responsible for administering care. Ethical standards should also be considered when assessing how best to help students cope with their unique needs by respecting an individual’s autonomy, cultural affiliation and fundamental rights. Through maintaining rigour in all professional aspects, school counsellors can ensure that ethical norms are respected while providing support tailored to each student’s situation.

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Assignment Brief 5: Demonstrate skills in individual counselling with children and adolescents.

Counselling children and adolescents requires a specialized skill set to effectively navigate the unique challenges faced by these age groups. As mental health professionals, it is essential to demonstrate the ability to establish a strong rapport in a non-threatening and non-judgmental manner. This involves using developmentally appropriate language and creative communication methods, like play therapy, to engage and facilitate self-expression.

Moreover, a deep understanding of socio-cultural context and family dynamics is critical in order to provide a tailored, comprehensive approach to treatment. To empower young clients, professionals should actively involve them in goal-setting, problem-solving, and decision-making processes, fostering their sense of autonomy and resilience. Ultimately, by blending these skills with sensitivity and empathy, we can help foster long-lasting change and growth in the lives of children and adolescents seeking mental health support.

Assignment Brief 6: Illustrate the role of school counsellors with simple case studies.

School counsellors play a crucial role in the educational journey of students by addressing their social, emotional, and academic needs. For instance, consider a student named Sophia who has been struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem due to incessant bullying. A school counsellor may intervene by offering emotional support, teaching her coping strategies, and working closely with her teachers to ensure a supportive learning environment.

Meanwhile, another student, Michael, faces difficulties in choosing a suitable career path after high school. The counsellor may provide career guidance by assessing his strengths, interests, and personality, helping Michael make informed decisions about his future. These two cases serve as simple yet compelling illustrations of the versatile and essential role school counsellors play in shaping students’ experiences and helping them navigate the complexities of modern-day education.

Assignment Brief 7: Describe approaches and techniques in working with parents and families.

In the realm of education and child development, working with parents and families is integral to ensuring the holistic well-being and growth of a child. Various approaches and techniques have proven to be effective in fostering strong relationships and enhancing collaboration with parents and families. One such approach is the establishment of open lines of communication through regular meetings, newsletters, and digital platforms, which creates an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

Another crucial technique is the deployment of family-centred practices that recognize and respect diverse family structures, values, and cultural backgrounds. Moreover, engaging parents and families through activities that are inclusive of their expertise, preferences, and availability signifies the importance of shared responsibility in a child’s development. Those activities might encompass workshops, volunteer programs, or joint decision-making opportunities.

Furthermore, providing resources and guidance on how to support their child’s learning at home empowers the parents and families to be active partners in the education process. To sum up, working adeptly with parents and families requires consistent communication, acknowledgement of their unique circumstances, and encouragement of their participation in school and community life.

Assignment Brief 8: Implement group guidance activities in schools.

In today’s rapidly changing educational landscape, it is vital for schools to prioritize the implementation of group guidance activities as a cornerstone of their overall approach to student development. By fostering a collaborative environment, these activities create a unique opportunity for students to explore their thoughts, emotions, and goals with their peers in a supportive and professional setting.

Moreover, the incorporation of group guidance activities enhances the development of valuable interpersonal and problem-solving skills, equipping the students to tackle the multitude of challenges they may face in their academic journey and beyond. Schools that embrace these activities exhibit a commitment to nurturing the emotional and social well-being of their students, facilitating an atmosphere where every individual feels heard, understood, and empowered to grow.

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