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COU308 Divorce Counselling SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

COU308 Divorce Counselling is offered at our University as a way for students to learn about the theories, concepts and issues in relation to the process of divorce. It is an invaluable course that encourages discussion around this sensitive issue and promotes constructive conversation, helping students to build on the interpersonal skills they will need if they choose to pursue counselling in their future careers.

Students learn how to better manage stress levels in clients going through the process of divorce and gain a holistic understanding of how families are affected by separation. With experienced faculty members guiding them every step of the way, it provides a safe space where learners can discover strategies for managing situations that involve divorce.

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Get ready to learn how assignment briefs work! Here are the details:

Assignment Brief 1: Present the laws and legislations relating to divorce, and the context and challenges for divorcing couples as well as their children.

Divorce is a difficult process, with the effects it has on both parties and their children often reaching far into the future. Within the United Kingdom, civil marriage dissolution proceedings are regulated by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and subsequent amendments. This Act stipulates that there must be one year of separation between two parties prior to filing for divorce, or five years if only one party applies for a divorce. This is made more difficult by other factors such as shared assets or joint custody.

Indeed, many divorcing couples face unique challenges in trying to ensure that all agreements in regard to alimony, child support, financial assistance and living arrangements are met whilst ensuring the well-being of their children remains paramount. However, if both parties can prioritise communication and cooperation from start to finish this can go some way towards smoothing out the processes associated with divorce and easing any pressure for couples and children alike.

Assignment Brief 2: Explain the causes of divorce, and identify the risk and protective factors related to divorce.

Divorce can be an extremely complex and emotional process, with a variety of factors playing a role in the decision to file for divorce. Some of the most common causes of divorce include infidelity, communication issues, unresolved conflicts, long-term boredom or resentment in the relationship, financial difficulties, mental health struggles and deteriorating physical health.

Additionally, various risk and protective factors relate to divorce but usually act as indicators after the decision to divorce has been made. These factors include prior marital experience or conflict resolution styles within couples. On the other hand, protective factors such as intimate friendship and mutual respect can reduce stress levels and help couples stay together in the face of adversity. Ultimately, understanding both causes and associated risks and protective factors involved in a divorce can lead to greater family stability for those considering divorce or who are already divorced.

Assignment Brief 3: Discuss the emotional impact of divorce on couples and children.

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging experience for couples as well as their children. A couple going through a divorce could feel overwhelmed, hurt, and angry due to this life-altering event. Children of divorced parents struggle with the concept of family stability and security. They often feel confused, scared, and abandoned by one parent or even both if the divorce is hostile in nature.

Studies suggest that those who lived with divorced parents show higher levels of anxiety than those whose parents stayed together, which could affect how they form relationships in later life. Although difficult, it is important to provide support to any individuals experiencing the emotional impact of a divorce. By listening to their stories and respecting their emotions, it is possible to achieve healthier outcomes for all involved.

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Assignment Brief 4: Employ Discernment Counselling in working with troubled relationships.

Discernment counselling is a valuable tool for working with couples in troubled relationships. This particular type of counselling aids couples in determining if the relationship should remain, or if it needs to be dissolved. Discernment counselling allows a couple to explore all potential solutions to their issues and gain clarity around their goals without any pressure from the counsellor.

By working collaboratively and through deep discussions between the parties, discernment counselling gives each partner the chance to genuinely express themselves and identify what might be missing from their relationship. Ultimately, this approach helps individuals develop a better understanding of the complexities within their relationships and make the best decision for themselves.

Assignment Brief 5: Apply appropriate intervention techniques with divorcing couples and their children, and demonstrate skills used to de-escalate conflicts that arise between divorcing couples.

As a divorce mediator, it is important to possess the skills necessary to help divorcing couples and their children through the process of separation. By utilizing appropriate intervention techniques and de-escalating conflicts between divorcing couples, it is possible to foster an environment of understanding and support. Utilizing tools such as communication prompts, deep breathing exercises, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), writing exercises like journaling or letter writing, or even bringing in outside resources can all be effective ways to assist clients during this period of transition.

Additionally, having a clear plan of action and an objective perspective when working with already contentious circumstances can make all the difference in creating a comfortable yet productive atmosphere within which the couple can begin to tackle their differences with intention.

Assignment Brief 6: Demonstrate skills to coach healthy co-parenting relationships.

Healthy co-parenting relationships can be beneficial for everyone involved, from the children directly to the families and communities surrounding them. For that reason, it is important to learn how to coach healthy co-parenting relationships. Coaches should understand how to provide guidance on conflict resolution and practice respect in difficult conversations.

Through educating parents on how to reach a consensus rather than relying on law enforcement, coaches are able to harness the conversations between parties and avoid escalation of disagreements. This can create a more harmonious relationship among those involved, by promoting empathy and understanding with each side. Coaching a healthy co-parenting relationship can help all members while avoiding the stress of further litigation or court involvement.

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