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Sociology of Law and Order Essay Sample

This essay sample is based on the Sociology of Law and Order for Singapore students. Here we will cover What is Sociology of Law and Order?, Importance of Sociology of Law and Order, Sociological theories of crime, etc.

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The Sociology of Law and Order Essay provides a comprehensive overview for students to better understand the world around them with regard to law enforcement. If you are interested in downloading this essay, our experts can provide custom-made papers according to your school or college needs!

Introduction- Sociology of Law and Order Essay 

The Concept of “Sociology of law and order” is a unique one and rightfully so. One can tell what this concept is about, just by reading the title. Regardless this is quite a complex topic.

Moving on, this is also an important concept for Singapore students of law to understand. For the same reason, we shall be looking at this concept in detail. We shall be dividing this essay into different sections for the sake of clarity and simplicity.

Moreover, we shall be starting with the definition of the “Sociology of law and order” as it is important to understand before moving on any further in the same essay. So without further adieu:

Main body- Sociology of Law and Order Essay 

What is Sociology of Law and Order?

The term “Sociology of Law and Order” refers to the sociological study of law as well as phenomena related to law and order. Here law and order are seen as legal norms in society which also covers different practices as well as institutions related to it.

Moreover, sociology is usually referred to as a sub-field of sociology or interdisciplinary field concerning legal approach. Even though this concept is usually defined in relation to sociology, some define it as an independent field of research.

Moving on, this field tends to treat law and order as a fundamental part of our social structure. Nevertheless, the importance of law and order in society is clearly undebatable. Consequently, we shall be looking into the importance of it in the next section of the sample essay.

Importance of Sociology of Law and Order

The importance of the Sociology of Law and Order is inarguable. This because  Law and Order are based on society itself. Plus sociology concerns itself mainly with the study of society and structure as well as other aspects. However, it would not be correct to define Sociology of Law as a sub-field or Sociology or law. Rather it is better defined as an independent field.

Speaking of which, this field provides us a third perspective in contrast to that of Law or sociology. In addition to this, we can say that it helps us better understand the laws and orders in relation to society in signapore. Plus it also gives us a look into the reasons behind the crime, what leads to crime, and so on.

In fact, this discipline helps in the effective delivery of justice within systems of law and order. This is done by providing a better view of the situation and case itself. Along with this, this field also provides several theories. We shall be looking into these theories in the next section of the sample essay.

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Sociological theories of crime

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the different sociological theories with respect to law and order. So without further adieu, these theories are as mentioned below:

  1. Strain Theory
  2. Social learning
  3. Control Theory

Moving on, if you want to read more about the Strain theory or Criminology in general. You can visit our website, where we discuss both of these concepts in our sample essay. With this, we conclude our sample essay.


We need to understand what is going on in society for it to be a better place. That’s where sociology comes into play as it helps us explain the world around us through research, theories, and concepts that can help provide an understanding of social patterns. Learn about its importance now! The field also has many practical applications such as aiding law enforcement with crime prevention or giving insights into how people think so you know which marketing strategies will work best for them.

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