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Sociology of Family Essay 

Sociology of family is the subcategory of the sociology subject. In these various academics and researchers evaluate the family structure from the sociological perspective. They consider family as a unit of socialization and social institution.

The family is often considered as the side stone of society. Family is regarded as the basic component of Social Organization.

It helps in carrying out an important function related to society like socializing children.

There are different kinds of families however this document will also focus on the views of different sectors.

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About Sociology of Family

Family plays a significant part in shaping up the individuals which will directly shape the entire society.

A family is defined as a large or small group of people that it is related by affection or ancestry. They may share common goals and values, mainly participate in raising and caring for children, and may live in the same place together.

They have an ongoing emotional or physical connection with one another and become the foundation of society.

They can be comprised of mother, father, and children or can have a combination of relatives.

Views of Different Sectors Related to the Family

  1. The functionalist view: in their view family is a positive institution that performs positive function by producing social stability in the society
  2. Marxism view: they believe that the family is constructed socially only to provide benefit to the bourgeoisie
  3. Interactionist’s view: they view family on a micro-scale factor without generalization
  4. The feminists view: according to them family reproduces patriarchy and perform the negative function in the society

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Different Family Forms

  1. Cohabitation: it is defined as the residence of an unmarried couple
  2. Single parent family: children being raised by their single parent only
  3. Lesbian and gay couples: many countries have accepted same-gender marriages
  4. Chosen Kin: some close member that shares an emotional relationship but do not have genetic blood or marital relationship.

Functions of Family

  1. Provision of home- every individual needs intimate response like warm, love, affection and a circle of near ones. Although there is a provision of hotel and club these days the amount of love a man can get from his parents, women and children is far ahead. Home Is Still considered as the heaven where family members can find affection and comfort.
  2. Rearing and production of children- caring for a newborn child through child welfare centres and nursing agencies.
  3. Religious- children get their religious training from their parents and family. They teach them various religious virtues like Yagya and Idol worship.
  4. Economic- family serves as an economic unit. All family members may assist in economic adjustment. There is a division of work between all family members.
  5. Educational- the family serves as an educational agency. The beginning of learning in children happens under the parent’s guidance.
  6. Recreation- family organize recreation activities like dancing, singing, visiting the other relatives, going to the hotels or clubs, playing tennis or other indoor/outdoor games and watching movies
  7. Health- all the family members take care of each other safety and health. They fulfil all the health-related requirements of other members. For e.g. visiting a hospital, medical insurance, medicines and a balanced nutrition diet.
  8. Social- family profiles the knowledge of society, social control, maintenance of organized society and social customs.
  9. Civic– family teachers all the lessons of citizenship to the child. It includes sacrifice, discipline, toleration, love, obedience and Corporation. By learning these virtues a child can grow himself into a responsible citizen.

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The Function of a family plays a significant role in Sociology. The primary function includes the implementation of various social rules and norms in the family members.

We have seen in the above article the various structure of the family. Children’s are greatly influenced by the kind of family they possess. If they do not get a proper environment at home then it will affect their overall social development.

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