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FIN371 Retirement Planning- SUSS Assessment Sample for Singaporean Students

Retirement planning is a crucial factor while financial planning of any individual. Financial planning involves many factors under consideration like earning, budget, risk appetite, return goals and investment objective. To make the Singaporean students aware of the retirement planning and its role in the measures of financial management of an individual, the leading and renowned Singapore University of Social Science offers FIN371 Retirement Planning Course.

FIN371 Retirement Planning SUSS Course provides fundamentals of retirement planning and other essentials of relevant to retirement. The FIN371 SUSS course also provides necessary knowledge about the relation between retirement planning and finance management like other finance courses do.

The various other courses which explain their relevance with finance management are-

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However, the FIN371 Retirement Planning course has a mutual harmony with other courses in a way of providing assignments throughout the course. Other courses provide Financial Accounting Theory Assignment, Essentials of Financial Management FIN203 Assignment, Personal Finance assignment, Investing & Portfolio Management assignments, and Mutual Fund assignment etc. Likewise, the FIN371 Retirement Planning course also serves the Singaporean students with FIN371 SUSS assignments with a deadline.

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is a process of estimating the measures of retirement income as well as determine the retirement income goals. Also, retirement planning includes the necessary decision and actions to be taken to achieve those retirement goals. Retirement planning involves various measures under consideration such as identification of sources of income, expense estimation, prepare and implement a saving program, and manage risk and assets. In addition to that, future cash flow statements are evaluated to identify whether the retirement income target will be obtained by the implemented program.

Ideally, retirement planning is a whole life long process. One can start to plan for his retirement at any time but it would be great if he starts his retirement planning from the very beginning. It will be the best way to assure yourself with a safe, secure, easy and relax retirement. The relax part then is why because you pay attention and take part in the serious & perhaps boring part now i.e. planning, which will take you there.

Preface of FIN371 Retirement Planning Course

The very popular and one of the best universities in Singapore, when offering such a boring yet serious course i.e. FIN371 Retirement Planning course, you should know that this can be of great use in life. Retirement planning indicates to and classifies the financial strategies of saving, investment and eventually dispense the money to uphold one’s livelihood after retirement.

Retirement planning not only takes the assets and income into account but also the expenses of future, liabilities, and long-term life goals.

The FIN371 Retirement Planning course will provide a similar sort of knowledge and skills to plan for the retirement keeping all the essential assets as well as instruments and tools in mind. FIN371 course will provide the students with the fundamental knowledge of investments, different factors relevant to retirement, source of income, risk managing techniques, balancing loss and returns etc. The Singaporean students will be capable of designing a proper retirement planning process, analyse the financial statement of an individual, evaluate the other critical elements and implement an appropriate programme for one’s investment for retirement.

Also, the FIN371 Retirement Planning course introduces the students to various FIN371 SUSS Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs) which consist of report writing assignments, FIN371 assessment questions, dissertation writing assignments, and case study homework etc.

FIN371 Retirement Planning: Course Goals

An individual’s financial planner needs to know about the basic outline and objectives of that client for his retirement planning. In ageing societies which have no social security system, they should know that it is very important to invest earlier for the after-retirement life. One should plan and invest carefully for the retirement after knowing and understanding each detail including risks, constraints and estimate of return of the retirement plan.

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The FIN371 Retirement Planning course focuses on all the elements relevant to financial statement analysis as well as a retirement plan of an individual. The main goal/ objective of the FIN371 Retirement Planning course is to provide the necessary knowledge of various investment options and substitutes as well for retirement. This FIN371 SUSS course also aims to educate the Singaporean students with the understanding of CPF (Central Provident Fund).

Content Structure of FIN371 Retirement Planning

As discussed above the FIN371 Retirement Planning course enlighten the main focus terms regarding finance, investment and retirement planning to the students. the FIN371 Retirement Planning course will introduce the Central Provident Fund and other schemes to the students. Also, the FIN371 Retirement Planning course comprises of strategies to construct retirement portfolios for the clients.

Following are some of the main topics of the FIN371 Retirement Planning Course: –

  • Significance of retirement planning
  • Risk management in retirement planning
  • Understanding CPF schemes
  • Investment planning for retirement
  • Role of a financial planner in retirement counselling
  • The mechanics of the retirement planning process

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Educational Outcomes of FIN371 Retirement Planning Course

Singaporean students get to learn a lot from the FIN371 Retirement Planning course. Yet it is a little bit boring but on the other hand, it is one of the most important fields of financial education. Many students opt the FIN371 Retirement Planning course out of interest as they are eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in this of the finance area. While learning the FIN371 Retirement Planning course, the Singaporean students also receive support and guidance by online instructors via emails and discussion forums.

Students receive the core knowledge about the other aspects of retirement planning such as home, estate planning, insurance, tax efficiency, and involved risk.

Here are the educational outcomes or the FIN371 Retirement Planning course: –

  • Examine the significance of Retirement Planning
  • Measure the CPF contribution role towards retirement
  • Design proper structure for the retirement planning process
  • Employ portfolio analysis for retirement planning
  • Discuss retirement planning programs with clients
  • Formulate strategies to supervise a retirement portfolio
  • Show the knowledge and skills to discuss the retirement planning effectively in a group discussion
  • Draw retirement plans proficiently

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Q2. How can I find money to invest and save for retirement?

Ans. It is essential to save money for retirement purpose. You should not make excuses that you do not have money to save instead you should find ways to save money for your retirement.

Q3. How can I save money for retirement?

Ans. You can save money out of your earnings by cutting down some unnecessary expenses and deposit them in a bank. That was the very basic methods. An individual knows that he has to save money but doesn’t know how much and the ways to save. Those people can consult with a financial planner and get a retirement plan, cut your salary down directly in provident funds, public provident funds. Also, some people save money by registering with a recurring deposit account and fixed deposit also.

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Ans. Sorry, we only provide writing services for the students to complete their university assignments.

Q5. I am a bachelor and just joined my job. Should I opt for a retirement plan?

Ans. It’s neither too early nor too late to make a retirement plan for yourself. Mind it, the sooner you will opt retirement planning programme, the more you will get at your retirement. It is you who will be benefited more at your retirement. So, you should implement an appropriate retirement plan according to your liberties and constraints.

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