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Investment & Portfolio Management: Overview

Investment & Portfolio Management is a term that has become popular recently and it is basically the management of various funds and investments. It includes investing and trading in stocks, bonds, etc.

An investor’s portfolio is his or her investment portfolio and the purpose of a portfolio manager is to monitor their investment portfolio’s performance so that they can make sound decisions when it comes to adding more funds or taking them out.

Portfolio managers also have to ensure that the investments are made in accordance with the financial plan laid out.

There are several different types of portfolios, including stock portfolios, bond portfolios, money market funds, and even real estate portfolios.

The objective for each type of portfolio will be different as well as the methods used by the portfolio managers to achieve their objectives.

For example, a stock portfolio is used to try and generate higher returns, while a money market fund is used to try and keep the value of the investment as stable as possible.

Real estate portfolios are also popular as they can be used for retirement plans.

Various types of portfolios

The main part of the investment portfolio manager’s job is monitoring their investments and ensuring that they are always in line with the financial plan.

They also have to make sure that the investments are made in accordance with the financial plan and regulations.

  • Stock Portfolios: A stock portfolio includes a variety of stocks, which can be bought and sold on a regular basis. The stock portfolio manager will monitor their stocks to make sure that they are still trading at a profitable price and that they are still within their original financial plan.
  • Bond Portfolios: Bond portfolios focus more on bonds, which are usually issued by companies or governments. Bond portfolios can also include other types of bonds such as municipal bonds, government bonds or corporate bonds. The bond portfolio manager will monitor the bond portfolios to make sure that they are still in line with their financial plan or if there is a change in it.

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  • Money Market Funds: Money market funds are usually made up of high quality bonds and stocks, which are placed into one fund. The money market fund manager will monitor the money market fund to make sure that it is doing what they expect it to do.
  • Real Estate Portfolios: Real estate portfolios focus more on real estate, which is mostly real estate investments such as commercial buildings and residential homes. The portfolio manager will monitor the portfolio to make sure that it is still in line with their financial plan. The portfolio manager will also ensure that the investment property does not fall below its original value or increase above its original value.

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Role Of Portfolio Manager

The portfolio manager’s role can be split into three main areas: the monitoring of the portfolio, the implementation of risk controls and the re-allocation of assets.

  1. Monitoring of the portfolios: The portfolio manager has to monitor the performance of their investments on a regular basis and ensure that they are in line with their financial plan. They also have to make sure that the investments are made in accordance with the financial plan and regulations.
  2. Risk controls: The portfolio manager has to make sure that their investment portfolios are still in line with their financial plan or risk controls.
  3. Re-allocation of assets: The portfolio manager has to re-allocate assets from under-performing investments to over-performing ones. This can be done by selling under performing investments or buying new ones. The portfolio manager will then monitor these new investments for a period of time and assess whether they should be sold off, which is referred to as “selling off”.

Key Problems With Investment & Portfolio Management Assignments

Being a complex and difficult area of study, industries often face different challenging areas and have to deal with them for the smooth running of their industry and attaining tactical goals.

Students should carefully understand these difficult areas as it will assist them to develop the capability to deal with such challenges and mark quality in their vocation.

  • Since income is directly connected with marketplace valuation, so the main fall in an asset may cause refuse in revenues.
  • Occasionally, the above-average fund performance is hard to manage and sustain. In such cases, customers might not be that corporative.
  • Flourishing fund managers are fairly costly and might be reviewed by the opponent.
  • Experts who generate above-average returns generally get an attractive package that they frequently focus on managing their individual portfolio rather than seeking business employment.

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