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New Product Development: Meaning

New Product Development is a process by which a business brings a new product to the market; the product can be physical or intangible.

In this process, the company identifies the market possibilities and converts this change into a product ready for sale. The customer needs must be recognized and analyzed for this to work efficiently.

This course teaches a student about the different ways a new product can be developed and presented in the market.

This course aims to teach students about the different ways in which a new product can be developed and presented in the market.

Students will study this process by looking at various models such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile methods.

Students will further explore these processes through case studies on successful companies and their products.

This course teaches them how to analyze problems, create solutions and manage projects effectively during their work with new product development projects.

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Steps Followed in New Product development

Following are the steps that are taken while designing a new product.

1. Identifying Problems: With the help of considerable understanding of the customers’ problem and their expectations, product development perspective will start and next/Team or head of product development should identify what people’s needs will be – assuring them to experience a value-based product creation. After offshoot designed by evaluating and analyzing nature, innovation, and needs, the development team goes into the research & analysis phase.

2. Creation of the Product-Idea: Once the needs are fully identified focus is driven towards finding an appropriate solution and developing an envisaged solution that does not only fit in but surpasses the existing solutions on offer for people to use. A new product idea must create a market for itself by finding the existing problems which can be solved by an advantageous new product. Which are potential problems there and how they can be a solved. The issue that is faced by a company today will continue to be faced tomorrow, and really needs to be accurately analyzed before going ahead with some confusion also it should be studied about the current preferred choices for a customer.

3. Business Analysis: It is important to identify the relevant factors and how them can be connected. Because to introduce a new product into the market there is lots of risk that portrays unresponsiveness and uncertainty of raw materials so as to find out proper connections between which you can understand chances and benefits. Interaction between these factors it will be enabled to come up with a better solution or product that helps with resolving issues related to living standards, promoting happiness, and also facilitating them towards development.

4. Market Analysis: Understanding and going about taking care of the consumers life span is known as basic concept of market creation that should be abundantly clear- So how much people use it suggests how good will be their relationship towards investing in the new product development. Helpful decisions are needed while defining targeted markets. Companies have quite a specific goal on targeted markets like gaining, oxidation some time old markets, Coming up with any new product ideas new attractive innovative products and significant strategies that develop.

5. Market strategy: And deciding on the product that satisfies the customer need and objective without any justification of profit is a supreme effort,its important as per your vision on business to check out may it be taken to be success or not. The best way for finding out for a new kind of product is to study about firms that are designed in this direction and how these firms choose what materials to use and why, Also how they built their brand name because all decisions made in an organization needs analyzing, through which understand the consumers needs and what products will satisfy them also develop motive.

6. Test marketing: Interaction between the employees and customers is the need of the hour that enhances the idea of how new products can be taken forward .The product inside internal market tends to get increased over time and its tested by this option for getting cash for further development.Thus involves communication about new opportunities and business strategies to define processes in a secured way.

7. Commercialization: Commercialization emphasizes on envisioning ideas and will further optimize the process by implementing necessary modern systems to bring the ideas to practice. It involves Marketing, Product development practices. Image development is important in this process that shows in how a product appears throughout out a brand. Perception of the target audience is necessary to define their likes or dislikes of a product which helps to create successful strategic plans in the future as well as providing a base for a very fast-moving team with unique product ideas during market stage.

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