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If you want to understand industrial relations, it is vital that you take industrial relations assignment help including HR assignment and other assignment help. If stated simply, industrial relations are a study which involves in-depth analysis and evaluating of an employment relationship. It is sometimes also referred to as employment relations or employee relations. Sometimes, people also like to refer to industrial relations to labour relations.

Introduction to the various phases of industrial relations

Basically, there are three particular phases in industrial relations which are stated as follows:

  • Science building phase: in this phase, industrial relations is considered to be a part of social science. Get to know more about this science building phase of industrial relations with Singapore assignment help. This phase will guide you about how the employment relationship is governed among various institutions through the process of rigorous research which is of supreme quality. In this stream, the scholarship of industrial relations crosses scholarship of industrial sociology, labour, history, economics, political science, human resource, and many more various areas. Contact us for getting to know more about these scholarships by taking Singapore assignment help services in industrial relations.
  • Problem Solving Phase: During the phase of problem-solving, the industrial relations aid in designing institutions and policies so that the employee’s relationships work in a harmonic way. Get to know more about the phase of problem-solving through our industrial relations assignment help online.
  • Ethical phase: During this phase, the industrial relations get firmer. They tend to include normative principles which are strong in regard to the labour and even the relationship of the employees. Find out more about the ethical phase by availing our services in industrial relations assignment help from Singapore assignment help. The relations usually focus more on the rejection of treating employees and labour like they are a commodity, and thus, this phase works on getting them the respect and democracy they deserve. The ethical phase talks about the human rights of the workers. Contact us if you want to know more about it.

Features of industrial relations concept and management

  • Includes a conclusion on labour markets
  • Involves analysis of employment institutions
  • Involves studying programmes and policies of organizations
  • Involves studying nature and structure of business organizations
  • Involves the studies of interests through industrial relations

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