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Asset management is a difficult topic that is an ideal blend of management and finance. The word holds grand importance in the business area.

Asset management comprises the learning of different securities of a person that guides them attain the ultimate goals for which the venture was made.

The asset management services comprise lots of difficult components like financial statement study, stock selection, plan execution, asset selection, & checking of investments.

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Asset Management: Introduction

Asset management is the process of overseeing and managing investments. An asset manager typically oversees a portfolio of assets, which can include stocks, bonds, real estate, and other securities.

The goal of asset management is to maximize returns on investment while minimizing risks. To achieve this goal, an asset manager must have a deep understanding of the markets in which the investments are made.

They must also be able to make timely decisions based on changing market conditions.

Asset management is one such topic that is generally studied while pursuing educational disciplines like finance.

If you are doing MBA in finance or are somewhat associated with the commerce stream, then you will certainly come across this topic.

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Different Types Of Asset Management

Assets can be classified into the following categories:

  • Infrastructure asset management: The group that’s responsible for maintaining infrastructure is called “infrastructure asset management.” This includes public works like bridges and roads, but can also include things related to electricity generation or water supply.
  • Financial asset management: It is all about managing the financial assets, investment accounts, and hedge funds. It’s a dynamic role involving a lot of calculations for buying and selling securities. These securities might include stocks, bonds, futures, options, currencies, and other financial derivatives.
  • IT Asset Management: It is a crucial part of keeping your organization running smoothly. It deals with the management and tracking of all hardware, software assets that are owned by you or any other business entity under one roof; this includes everything from laptops to servers- even cell phones.
  • Enterprise asset management: It is a specialized field that deals with the upkeep and maintenance of fixed assets. These can include everything from machinery to furniture, but they’re most commonly associated as being related in some way or another by operationally managing them for their owners/managers so they don’t have to.
  • Real estate asset management: The real estate asset manager guides those interested in investing in properties, helping them make wise decisions about their investment and ensuring that they are protected from any potential risks associated with it.
  • Fixed assets management: It is an important process for any company. It deals with the procedure of managing physical property such as buildings or equipment, and it can be difficult without appropriate knowledge in this area.
  • Digital assets management: Digital asset management is the arty of managing digital assets or the assets that can be stored digitally. Digital assets can refer to photos, files, videos, spreadsheets, decks, etc.

Importance Of Asset Management

Let’s take a sneak-peek into the numerous benefits of asset management:

  1. Asset management is important for a variety of reasons, including reducing financial risk, maximizing returns on investments, and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  2. By properly managing assets, businesses can reduce their exposure to financial risks, such as default or insolvency. 
  3. Additionally, well-managed assets can lead to higher returns on investments, as opposed to those that are not managed effectively. 
  4. Furthermore, asset management is crucial for adhering to government regulations governing the investment industry.

What is the topic of asset management all about?

In a corporation or say an organization there are many assets & the way they are managed is termed asset management.

It is an organized type of approach where constant control of the assets is done, and enough realization of value is also ensured. Asset management is good in nature.

Thus it includes both touchable as well as insubstantial assets. Tangible assets are like building, machinery, equipment, etc. & intangible assets are like goodwill, academic property, etc.

Generally, asset management is also described as managing the savings of a company. Assets are like investments only as these help in earning returns.

So, asset management is a complete procedure where one analyzes the developmental, operational, up-gradation, and disposal criteria associated with assets.

The topic of asset management is extensive in nature, and there are countless important things that one should keep in mind.

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