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Banking: Concept

Banking is an essential part of the economic development of the nation.

Banking can be defined as the process of acceptance of financial resources for the purpose of lending them for investment, a collection of interest, and otherwise withdrawal through draft, cheque, and more. T

he financial resources may be from within or outside the country. Banks provide capital to entrepreneurs and business ventures, as well as maintain savings accounts for people.

They can either be a publicly listed company or a private firm that provides an array of financial services. Banks also provide services in securities markets, where they broker financial instruments.

Loans are made in money but may occasionally be in kind. One asset which banks are responsible for trading is their own capital, whether it’s held by private Those services can range from providing financial advice, brokering deals for corporate finance, to asset management.

Various Types Of Banking Institutions

  • Commercial bank: A commercial bank is a financial institution that provides banking services for businesses and consumers. They accept deposits, make loans available to businesses and individuals, accept payments for goods sold by the business, conduct transactions such as check clearing or electronic funds transfer between banks, issue credit cards that allow customers to borrow money with their signature (or sometimes just with an ID card), etc. Commercial banks typically have much higher capital requirements than savings institutions because they take on more risk in order to earn higher profits which can be used towards paying back shareholders or investors who provide them funding through equity participation.
  • Industrial bank: Industrial banks are financial institutions that offer specialized services to industrial companies. Industrial banks are different from other banking organizations in that they were designed specifically for the needs of industry, rather than being an adaptation of general-purpose commercial banks. They provide financing, leasing and factoring (invoice discounting) on an unsecured basis to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who operate on a slim profit margin or need quick funds for working capital purposes.
  • Agricultural bank: The agricultural bank can be a valuable resource for financing agricultural production and rural development. The bank provides loans, grants, and other forms of financial assistance to farmers and ranchers in need of capital to start or expand a business, buy land, improve facilities such as livestock housing or feed lots, install irrigation systems for crops like cotton or sugar cane. They also offer mortgage programs that allow small-scale farmers in developing countries access to modern farm equipment without having large amounts of cash on hand at any given time.

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  • Foreign exchange bank: A foreign exchange bank is a financial institution that deals in the global currency market. It buys and sells foreign currencies, and makes a profit by charging a commission on each trade.FX banks may offer a variety of services, such as spot trading, forwards, swaps, and options. They also provide hedging products to companies and investors who need to protect themselves against adverse currency movements.FX banks are typically divided into two categories: commercial banks and investment banks. Commercial banks are the larger institutions that offer more traditional banking products such as loans and deposits. Investment banks are smaller, specialist firms that focus exclusively on the foreign exchange market.

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