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Updated on: 8th Jun 2022

FIN353 Portfolio Management Assignment Sample- SUSS

Generally, students are interested in management courses after their schooling or graduation. There are miscellaneous specializations in management courses like Project Management, Essentials of Financial Management FIN203, Accounting and Finance for Managers (BUS512), Banking and Investment Management Diploma, Construction management and Human Resource Management etc. FIN353 Portfolio Management Course is one of those specializations in management course programs at SUSS University.

The Singapore University of Social Sciences counts among the top universities of Singapore. The SUSS University provides the Singaporean students with a variety of courses in different areas such as Information Technology, Financial Management, Living Sociology, Business Development and Security Studies etc. Students choose any course programme according to their area of interest.

Different students have a different area of interest and opt for different courses. Some students like to learn business management and some like to learn project management. Accordingly, they get various assignments during their courses such as Business Management Assignments, Personal Finance Assignment and Project Management Report Writing assignment etc.

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What is a Portfolio?

A Portfolio is a chronicle of your gains and losses. It can be defined as the various investments’ tools viz. stocks, bonds, shares, cash, real estate and mutual funds all coupled together especially depending on the investor’s income, risk appetite, budget & the holding period. It is formed in such a planned manner that it can stabilize the risk of non-performance of the tools of investments.

Formation of a healthy and high-class investment portfolio is not a single minute task but a step by set process. Building up your portfolio especially takes care about creating it to fir the goals as well as the investor’s limitations. Before starting to invest at any platform, you must begin with determining your tolerance of the risk involved. Another important factor during the making of your portfolio is Diversification is your safeguard i.e. if you do a good mix in your investments, you can minimize the risk while increasing your profits.

Besides, you also need to manage and maintain your investment portfolio in a good manner. You will need to stay aware of the stock market, risks and returns every time. You should stay updated on every rise and fall of the market. Although this whole process is a little bit stressful and chaotic, you can ease it with preparing an order and here comes the role of Portfolio Management.

What is FIN353 Portfolio Management Course?

FIN353 Portfolio Management Course is a Modular Undergraduate Course at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. This course introduces the Singaporean students with the method of professional money management which includes the aim and limitations of the client. Also, the concept of diversification is introduced in the process of formation of the investment portfolio of the client to meet the maximum return while minimising the risks. The FIN353 SUSS course introduces the students to the basic principle of the modern portfolio theory in discussion and implementation of the modern portfolio construction. 

Before doing anything, one should analyse the input, risks, time and returns. Similarly, the FIN353 Portfolio Management Course will teach the methods to analyse and handle the risk before the assessment of the performance of a constructed portfolio and its manager.

However, the FIN353 Portfolio Management Course is related to finance and quality management. The students who are into the portfolio management, they also get knowledge about financial mathematics. Even though the students of FIN353 course get their part of Investing & Portfolio Management Assignments but somehow also get Financial Case Studies assignments and asset management assignment as well as Quality Management Assignment.

In the busy life full of classes and hectic schedule activities, the Singaporean students do not remain with enough time in the day to complete their FIN353 SUSS assignments on time. They are always in a hurry and worry too. A lot of work during the whole day and then making time for deciding for their financial decision-making assignments become very difficult and chaotic. So, they find out some strategies to complete their strategic management assignments such as looking for some genuine Assignment Help to finish their university assignment on time.

Objective of FIN353 Portfolio Management Course

FIN353 Portfolio Management course is an art and science of money management. It is all about taking the best of the decisions about the investment mix, relevant investments to the objectives, allocation of assets and balancing risk.

In other words, you have to work in a professional way to increase the returns of the investors who have given you their hard-earned money by maintaining the best portfolio with minimum risks. All you need to do is to make the best decisions for the client’s investment with balancing risk with the profits.

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The main objective of the FIN353 Portfolio Management Course is to educate the Singaporean students about the complete procedure of professional money management. Portfolio management provides the best investment options to the individuals along with the criterion of the client’s income, budget, risk-taking capacity, holding period and age taken under consideration.

Topics of FIN353 Portfolio Management Course

The FIN353 Portfolio Management course teaches a lot to the students about investment, investment tools, objective and constraints, measurement and management of risk etc. The FIN353 course gives wide knowledge of all the relevant topics with implementing modern construction portfolio.

The FIN353 Portfolio Management Course consists of some of the following topics: –

  • Investment policy statement
  • Diversification
  • Portfolio theory
  • Optimisation techniques
  • Economic analysis
  • Portfolio mathematics
  • Risk Analysis and management
  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Performance attribution and appraisal

All the topics are going to be very interesting and mind using; nevertheless, it is going to be hard as well. All the above-mentioned topics are not enough to study for the course completion but there are different FIN353 SUSS assessments also which students need to finish and submit before the deadline.

The students get stressed out due to the assignments, reports and dissertations and start searching for any alternative homework help to get readymade error-free FIN353 Portfolio Management assessment sample. The students worried about the assignments search on google for help with such phrases like “assignment helper who can do my assignment for me”. 

Learning Outcomes of the FIN353 Portfolio Management Course

The Singaporean students pursuing the FIN353 Portfolio Management course get a chance to gain core knowledge of the investment portfolio and its management. They learn various approaches to investment according to the different criterion of the client. All the students get a complete practical knowledge of every topic thoroughly.

Some of the learning outcomes of FIN353 Portfolio Management course are: –

  • Make a draft for the investment portfolio
  • Develop portfolio strategies for any individual or investor
  • Analyse portfolio risks and manage them accordingly
  • Balance risk and profit
  • Estimates returns
  • Measure portfolio optimization techniques
  • Apply diversification methods according to the client’s objective and other constraints
  • Formulate a proper portfolio for an investor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do any other university than SUSS University provide Portfolio Management course in Singapore?

Ans. Yes, of course, there are other universities also which provide Portfolio Management course in Singapore namely:

  • CFA Society Singapore,
  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy,
  • Nanyang Technical University (NTU)
  • SP Jain School of Global Management
  • ERC Institute Singapore

Q2. What is PMS?

Ans. PMS is an acronym for Portfolio Management Services. PMS is the services provided by a portfolio manager regarding investment plans, strategies, stocks, market, securities and risks etc. 

Q3. What are the types of Portfolio Management?

Ans. There are 4 types of portfolio management: –

  1. Active Portfolio Management
  2. Passive Portfolio Management
  3. Discretionary Portfolio Management
  4. Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

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