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BPM207 Cost Management for Architectural Works SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

BPM207 Cost Management for Architectural Works is a course designed to introduce students to the principles of cost management and estimation techniques which are essential tools in the work of an architect. Through engaging lectures, projects and activities, this course helps students understand the various costs associated with architectural works and develops the skills necessary to carry out cost estimates in a range of different building types.

By exploring the concepts of budgeting, controlling costs, scheduling, procurement and contracts management in detail, this course provides an invaluable foundation for future architectural professionals who will need to be competent in such matters on their professional journey.

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Here are a few assignment activities we will provide:

Assignment Activity 1: Describe the purpose and principles of measuring quantities.

Measuring quantity is an important part of many industries, whether it’s used to understand quantities of raw materials or amounts of produced goods. Attempting to measure exact quantities relies on principles such as the Principle of Conservation of Mass and the French Law of Quantity Proportionality, which state that all materials must return to or remain in their original states – and that proportions between material components should not change over time.

Understanding these principles is essential when measuring quantity in order to reach accurate conclusions. Furthermore, properly understanding and recording measurements can also help inform and progress other aspects such as statistical analysis. Thus, regardless of the applications involved, understanding the purpose and principles behind measuring quantities is essential for any accurate study.

Assignment Activity 2: Identify the scope and interpret drawings for architectural works.

Interpreting drawings for architectural works is an essential step in understanding the scope of a project. It involves analyzing architectural plans to determine material and labor requirements, as well as assessing the time and cost associated with completing the work. Furthermore, interpreting drawings also helps identify potential complications that can arise from certain construction techniques or materials used. It’s important to note that the accuracy of interpretations depends heavily on an individual’s understanding and experience with construction techniques. Therefore, having a thorough knowledge of architecture is necessary when interpreting drawings.

Assignment Activity 3: Apply measurement techniques for costing.

Measurement techniques for costing are essential for any successful business. These techniques help analyze the cost of production, services, and materials used in maintaining and operating a business. Management teams use these measurements to put together comprehensive budgets that are realistic and achievable. Measurement techniques can also help to identify areas where expenses can be cut back to increase profitability.

By understanding their costs, businesses will be able to make informed decisions on pricing products and services while still remaining competitive within their industry or market sector. It is important to remember that setting accurate measurements is essential – creating an inaccurate or inflated budget can lead to a business incurring significant losses or running the risk of not meeting financial objectives.

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Assignment Activity 4: Explain cost management methods for architectural works.

Cost management for architectural works is an essential component of project success. The most important cost management method is to have a clearly structured budget from the beginning, along with a well-defined process for tracking and analyzing costs during different stages of the project. Ground rules such as main funding sources and payment methods should be set in advance, while the decision-making order of financial responsibility should also be clarified. It is important to consider material costs, contractor or supplies rates, engineering and other expenses in the overall cost management system.

Documentation of cost details and regular reviews against budgets will help detect issues early on and allow stakeholders to adjust plans accordingly. By using these cost management methods, architects can ensure they stay on track with their project budgets as well as provide transparency and accountability throughout the changes or duration of the project.

Assignment Activity 5: Demonstrate ability to use e-measurement tools.

Measuring data electronically has become an integral part of many businesses and organizations today. With the help of e-measurement tools, I can monitor and analyze important information quickly and efficiently. As a result, I am better able to determine what changes need to be implemented in order to improve efficiency, productivity and performance.

My ability to make use of these kinds of digital systems allows me to take advantage of all their advantages, such as tracking trends over time, gaining insights through data relationships and making decisions based on accurate and reliable information. Furthermore, I am also able to store large amounts of data for future reference or for comparison purposes with other related datasets. In this way, my utilization of e-measurement tools expedites successful decision-making processes that can lead to positive outcomes for my organization.

Assignment Activity 6: Analyze the cost efficiency of architectural items.

Evaluating the cost efficiency of architectural items is an important part of the design process and should be taken into consideration during all stages. Analyzing cost from both a short and long-term perspective is necessary in order to ensure maximum value for money. This could include considering long-lasting materials, and energy-efficient solutions, or quantifying the costs associated with labor, building, construction, and replacement. As such, a thorough understanding of the prices associated with each architectural item under review is necessary in order to determine a course of action that provides the best overall value for money.

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