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Updated on: 20th Apr 2023

BPM209 Cost Management for C&S Works SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

BPM209 Cost Management for C&S Works course is a great opportunity for professionals looking to learn about the principles of cost management in Civil and Structural works. This short course provides comprehensive, theoretically grounded, and practically relevant insights into current cost management practices including methods for forecasting and controlling project costs and managing contractors’ returns.

It will equip participants with the necessary skills to develop strategies for more effective cost estimation, planning, budgeting, and contract administration, as well as an understanding of the implications of different contractors’ selection criteria in successful project delivery. This course is highly recommended for those who wish to enhance their knowledge in civil & structural works construction costing.

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In this article, let us look into some assignment briefs. These are:

Assignment Brief 1: Describe the purpose and principles of measuring quantities.

Measuring quantities is an essential skill for scientific, commercial, industrial and everyday purposes. It helps us to understand our physical world and make use of it more efficiently. The purpose of measuring quantities is to try to quantify or express the properties of materials in numerical form. By understanding how these quantities interact with each other, we are able to form predictions about the behavior of the materials under various conditions. We measure these quantities using systems such as the metric system or SI units, which enable us to compare and contrast different values like weight and electrify potential.

The key principles behind measuring quantities include being consistent with units of measurement, being accurate within a certain limit of error, and being precise when making measurements so that we can communicate with each other meaningfully. Furthermore, recognizing standard multipliers such as hecto (h) or kilo (k) makes it possible to scale up or down measurements without distorting results.

Assignment Brief 2: Identify the scope and interpret drawings for C&S works.

Understanding the scope of C&S works and correctly interpreting drawings related to those works is an extremely important skill for professionals in the field. High levels of expertise are required to accurately assess the project, identify potential problems, and develop effective solutions in a timely manner. Those involved must be able to recognize nuances in the design that may not be immediately apparent on the surface, as well as factors such as constructability and strength considerations that can ensure a successful outcome for any C&S works project. With attention to detail and careful consideration of all aspects of the drawings, professionals can ensure that projects run safely and efficiently from start to finish.

Assignment Brief 3: Apply measurement techniques for costing.

Applying appropriate measurement techniques for costing is a key factor in discovering how efficient and cost-effective any venture can be. To get accurate measurements, product and service costs must be compared to performance data to accurately cost a project or venture. This practice helps managers evaluate investment decisions and produce financial reports that contain essential data on product and service costs related to production.

Via this method, managers can determine better economic performance over time and make more reliable decisions when evaluating investments. Measurement techniques are necessary for businesses to balance the books and keep up with the competition, ensuring continual success.

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Assignment Brief 4: Explain cost management for C&S works.

Cost management for C&S works requires a deep understanding of how a project budget is broken down, allocated, and tracked. It means careful monitoring of labor costs, equipment rental fees, and other raw materials needed to complete the job. A good cost manager must be able to identify potential areas that could impact the budget and take appropriate measures to stay within those confines while still ensuring quality work is performed.

Furthermore, they must be able to continuously assess pricing decisions against best industry practices to gain maximum value from vendors. Ultimately, cost management for C&S works helps ensure that resources are being used as effectively as possible and that projects are finished on time, with no wasted money or missed deadlines.

Assignment Brief 5: Demonstrate ability to use e-measurement tools and write specifications.

As part of my job duties, I have had the task of both utilizing e-measurement tools and writing specifications on various projects. My experience has enabled me to understand how accurate measurements can help to ensure successful project completion. Properly taking measurements is a critical starting point in order for further planning and action to build upon them.

Through the use of advanced e-measurement tools, I am able to take quick and reliable measurements that allow me to generate comprehensive project specifications down the line. As such, I am confident that I possess the ability necessary to deliver accurate e-measurements along with written specifications on any incoming projects.

Assignment brief 6: Analyze cost efficiency for C&S items.

Cost efficiency for C&S items is an important factor for businesses to consider as it can have a big impact on their bottom line. Analyzing how costs are allocated helps decision-makers understand how much is being spent and where the company gets value for money. It also provides a basis for evaluating whether current expenditure is justified or if savings can be made by reallocating resources. Identifying areas of cost efficiency saves companies money in the short and long term, giving them a competitive advantage in the market.

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