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FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis- SUSS Assessment Sample

Wouldn’t it be great if we become the one who takes care of the complete financial data records and manages the finance department including the current financial position, liability, income, expenses, profit and loss etc. of a person, business, or any other entity. To fulfil this zeal of the Singaporean students, the one among the top universities of Singapore i.e. Singapore University of Social Sciences offers FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course to understand and manage all the financial activities of a business of any entity.

FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course is a modular undergraduate course of 6 months duration. This course is a trait of finance. The Singapore University of Social Sciences also provides different finance courses which equip students with knowledge of various financial activities and decision-making concepts.

Apart from the FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course, some other finance courses which are available at SUSS University are: –

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These are the courses which most of the Singaporean students opt for. Among all of the above-mentioned courses, students like to go for FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course the most. Also, they do not deprive of the FIN365 SUSS Tutor Marked Assignment which they have to finish and submit before the pre-set deadline.

Introduction to Financial Statement

A financial statement is the formal data record of the financial position and situation of an organization, company, person or any entity. Financial statements are in the form of reports which are prepared by the company’s management department to display the current financial position and performance of the company at any particular point of time.

Financial statements are the primary source of financial information for the experts of the decision-making field. This is the reason, why financial accounting and reports put a high focus on the reliability, accuracy and relevance of the details of these financial statements.

A generic set of financial statements includes-

1) Income Statement- This section shows how much money came into your business, and what they spent it on. For example, if you received $10K in sales but had expenses equal to 10% then only 990k would be left over for profit which could then either go back into the operation or additional funds used by management assuming there was no loss incurred from operating costs during this time frame.

2) Balance Sheet- This section shows the financial health of a company at a particular time. The balance sheet can be created using data from an interval such as yearly, monthly or daily. A balance sheet is usually separated into two categories Assets and Liabilities. Assets= things of value and liabilities= money you owe someone else.

3) Cash Flow Statement- This section shows how your business is doing in terms of cash and some other noncash transactions. It may show if you have a lot of debts and little to no money left over after the bills are paid, or if you had more than enough money left over for new investments into your business.

What is Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis is the process of studying and reviewing the financial statements of a company for decision-making purposes. Outer parties use these financial statements to understand the financial performance and business value of the organization. In other words, the financial statement analysis provides the overall health of the organization. Also, the internal fellows use the financial statement as a managing tool to manage and improve the financial performance of the company.

Subject Matter of FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course

FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course equips the Singaporean students with a complete analysis of a company’s financial health. It teaches the students how to draw the necessary decision for the organization’s financial growth. This course will help to understand how the financial statements can be utilized for evaluating the performance and position of the enterprise. Students will get to know about the right moment to take any decision for the business evaluating the risks.

The intent of the FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course is to inculcate the understanding by the perspective of an analyst about the implications of different decisions made for the entity. This will help to understand the effect of the accrual system cash flow, income taxes, current and non-current assets, and leases etc. Besides, it also provides information about the impact of financial liabilities, pensions and intercorporate liabilities arose out from the decisions made by the department of the firm’s financial management.

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Key Attributes of FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course

The FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course provides various key point related to the analysis of financial activities and performance of a company. FIN365 course equips the Singaporean students with the necessary skills and tools needed to sketch the conclusions in the context of market and economy, to promote improvement in decision-making within the enterprise.

Some of the topics of FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course are as follows: –

  1. Importance of financial statement analysis
  2. Valuation of current assets and fixed assets
  3. Analysis of Statement of cash flows
  4. Tax Analysis
  5. Study of liabilities
  6. Analysis of leases
  7. Study of inter-corporate investments

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Training Product of FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course

The Singaporean students get to learn miscellaneous terms regarding the financial position of an organization. They become capable of analysing the financial statements of a company, person or any entity. This course enables the Singaporean students to analyse the financial performance of the enterprise and take appropriate decision for its improvement.

Here are some of the training products of the FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis Course: –

  • Analysing the financial statements of a firm and determining its financial health
  • Distinguish between uses and sources of cash
  • Valuation of fixed assets, current assets and liabilities
  • Review inter-corporate investments and leases
  • Evaluate the implications of leases, mergers and acquisitions
  • Build analytical skills to read and understand the financial statements
  • Capable of demonstrating the essential skills and knowledge of financial statement analysis in a team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the need for Financial Statement Analysis?

Ans. The Financial Statement Analysis aims to inspect the present and previous financial data to determine the financial performance of the organization/ entity. Thus, the future risk and potential can be determined and improvement can be done in the company’s performance.

Q2. What are the loans?

Ans. Loans are the borrowed money which comes under the long-term liabilities. Those loans can be long term and borrowed from any financial institution or banks and are returned over a longer interval of time like 5-10 years.

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