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Finance! Who is not into finance? Who won’t like to learn about financial terms and strategies in this digital world? So, what is the option? FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy is the most appropriate course to get a broad knowledge of financial management. The technologies are changing and so does the economy as well.

Singaporean students get this golden opportunity to learn Financial Management in the Digital Economy course at one of the most famous and reputed colleges of Singapore i.e. Singapore University of Social Sciences. The SUSS University offers various courses related to miscellaneous areas like IT-Enabled Business Transformation, Economic Security and Culture, Organizational Behaviour and Indoor Environment Quality etc. Many students have the interest to learn other types of management courses like healthcare management, portfolio management, strategic management and human resource management etc.

In addition to the immense but essential course theories, students also get some FIN498 SUSS Finance Assessment such as financial case studies assignment, financial management report writing assignment and dissertation writing assignment etc.

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What is Financial Management?

Financial Management is a process dealing with the financial activities like procurement and utilization of investment or funds of an organization. The process of handling the financial activities includes planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Financial management deals with and analyses the money or investment of an individual or an organization to help in making business decisions. It also includes utilizing the appropriate management strategies to the financial assets of an enterprise.

Functions of Financial Management

The financial management work in different steps. Some of the major functions of financial management are: –

  • Estimation of the Capital Required
  • Determination of Capital Structure
  • Choice of Sources of Funds
  • Investing of Funds
  • Employment of Funds
  • Disposal of Profit/ Surplus
  • Management of Cash
  • Financial Control

What is FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy Course about?

FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course is an integrated finance course which brings together different areas of finance in a combined framework and implements the concepts and theories in the digital economic world. This course is a perfect combination of various finance sectors in a single integrated form. Singaporean students get a thorough knowledge of finance, investment, technology, digital world and economy, and management strategies etc.

The FIN498 course excels the Singaporean students in the finance sector as it gives vast knowledge about every terminology relevant to finance and financial management in the digital economy.

What does FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy Course teach the Singaporean Students?

The FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course educates the students in different parts and provide relevant assignments as well. The FIN498 SUSS course teaches about the fundamentals of asset management and its extension to digital assets in its first part. Also, the first part of the FIN498 course focuses on behavioural finance and standards of global investment performance. Subsequently, students get SUSS finance assignments, asset management assignments and a deadline to submit them to the professor.

The next part of the FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course educates the candidates about the concepts and theories digital innovation, financial inclusion and technology-enabled innovations in business models in the financial sector. Consequently, students get to understand digital analytics and how digital media impact on the active economy. Afterwards, the students get the duty to complete personal finance assignment, digital marketing assignments.

Other parts of the FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course consist of some topics such as Crypto-Currency, Artificial Intelligence and Robo advisor, financial cryptography etc. The FIN498 course also assists students with a study of the entire finance and Fintech ecosystem which helps them to understand the forthcoming vogue of likely considerable developments, challenges and opportunities for incumbents as well as start-ups.

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This course will enable the students to learn and apply the knowledge of finance courses to tackle the real-life issues and constraints in the rapidly altering finance world. Besides, the students will also learn to make various kinds of assessments related to the SUSS FIN498 course which can be a form of management subjects assignment or international economics assignment.

Topics in FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy Course

As discussed above, FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course provides Singaporean students with profound insights into finance and financial management theories and practices. It includes a consolidated framework of different sectors of finance while extending them up to growing digital world and economy. Also, with the course, they understand the digital media impact on the active economy of Singapore.

Following are some topics included in the FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course: –

  • Classification of traditional and digital assets
  • Standards of global investment performance
  • Behavioural finance
  • Portfolio management in a digital economy
  • Digital banking
  • Initial token offerings
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Financial cryptography
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robo advisor
  • Finance and FinTech eco-system
  • Technology-enabled business model innovations
  • Managing a FinTech start-up company
  • FinTech regulations and risk management

To get more precise knowledge and understanding, Singaporean students also go for learning more finance course available at SUSS University. Such courses like Accounting and Finance for Managers (BUS512), Technological Innovations in Finance (FIN545) and FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance etc. also provide deep information of their respective title which coupled together is taught in FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course.

Accordingly, students get the appropriate assignment for the relevant topics. The students go through the most critical time of their career i.e. studying the course material as well as practising them. Since they are busy with their compact schedule, the heap of assignments on their head become cumbersome. They feel inconvenience in completing the FIN498 SUSS assessments on time to submit them before the deadline.

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Educational Outcomes of FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy Course

Singaporean students become the master of finance after completing the FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course. They have gained enough knowledge of financial concepts and strategies.

Some of the educational outcomes of FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course are as follows: –

  • Assess the global investment performance standards
  • The contrast between conventional asset, digital asset and alternative asset classes
  • Establish investment decisions utilizing the behavioural finance theories
  • Identify the opportunities and issues come in front of traditional financial institutions and FinTech start-ups
  • Analyse risk and security issues concerning blockchain technology
  • Design portfolio management strategy in the digital economy

These are not the only outcomes of the FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course but the Singaporean students also learn to complete various kind of assignments in the form of reports, dissertation, homework, case studies and research paper writing etc. In the restless busy schedule, they end up on typing on google “looking for someone to do my assignment” or “assignment help who can write assignment for me at a cheap price”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you provide assignment help for assignments of other finance courses too?

Ans. Yes, we assist students with every type of assignment whether it be of any topic or any course. We can provide you with every type of assignment of other finance courses like Essentials of Financial Management FIN203 Assignment or ECO203: International Economics Assignment and many more.

Q2. What is DFS?

Ans. DFS is the acronym for Digital Financial Services. DFS provides the access and delivery of financial services including payments, remittance, insurance and savings through digital channels. The Digital Financial Services (DFS) concept involves MFS (Mobile Financial Services).

Q3. What is the duration of FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course?

Ans. FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy course is a modular undergraduate course of 6 months duration at Singapore University of Social Science.

Q4. Do I need to pursue other finance courses also even after completing the FIN498 Course?

Ans. There is no specific need to pursue another Finance course after completing the FIN498 course as the FIN498 course is an integration of all the finance courses in itself. Yes, if then also you feel any requirement or zeal to learn more about every terminology in finance, you can surely go for other finance courses.

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