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Updated on: 27th Jul 2020

BUS362 IT Enabled Business Transformation Assessment Sample – SUSS

BUS362 IT Enabled Business Transformation is a course which belongs to the list of compulsory courses in a programme BSc Management and Security Studies at one of the very famous and eminent universities of Singapore i.e. Singapore University for Social Studies. BSc SUSS Management and Security Studies is a part-time undergraduate programme and many students from Singapore choose this programme. This programme expertise students in security studies as well as management field also.

BSc Management and Security Studies programme involves many courses under its index of compulsory course like HRM201 Human Resource Management, BUS105 Statistics, SEC345 Non-Traditional Security, BUS369 Managing Information Security and Privacy etc. We can see that this undergraduate programme offers a lot of knowledge and skills to the students in various fields of sociology, security studies, business management as well as human resource management.

The course which we are going to discuss is BUS362 IT Enabled Business Transformation which will teach students about the different roles of IT. They will get to know how IT plays different roles of a hindrance, support or generate opportunities for the organization. With the study of the hindrance of IT in business transformation, students also get to do BUS362 SUSS assignments, reports writing, dissertation making etc. All of these activities come under TMA(Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP(Final Year Project).

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Various Roles of Information Technology in Business Transformation

IT can be helpful as well as can be problematic sometimes. IT can hinder some work or can help and make new opportunities for the business and organization. Information Technology has ample advantages in business transformation. Information Technology plays a vital role in the revolution of business or any organization. Not all the changes are necessarily positive but it impacts negatively as well.

Some of the roles of Information Technology in business transformation are as follows:-

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere or we can say work from home but, it makes difficult to split time and efforts between personal and official work.
  • New software and technology enable the people to create obscure and complex presentations easily but sometimes these do not add business value.
  • The server system can store a lot of information without consuming any space but, a hacker can get into the system and exploit the crucial information of the organization without getting noticed.
  • It provides the advantage of communication and shares information with the staff and clients without any geological hindrance.
  • Information accessing with excellent speed and accuracy is possible for every individual with the help of search engine technology.
  • New technological innovations keep continuing to transform the businesses even at the time of economic slowdown.

BUS362 IT Enabled Business Transformation course informs students about all the perks and drawbacks of the Information technology in the transformation of a business. Apart from that, it also assigns students with different activities to do such as BUS362 IT Enabled Business Transformation assignments, research paper writing, reports making and dissertation writing etc. Students need to complete all of these in proper format within the given deadline.

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Content List of the BUS362 IT Enabled Business Transformation Course

BUS362 IT Enabled Business Transformation course provides students with a broad knowledge of Information Technology and its role for business transformation. They learn the information system strategies, designing business processes and IT architecture etc. They get to understand the positive and negative effects of IT on business transformation and how business managers can utilize the advantages of IT at a strategic level for the advancement of their business.

Here are some areas which are covered in the BUS362 IT Enabled Business Transformation Course:-

  1. Information systems strategy and organizational strategy
  2. IT Enabled business processes
  3. IT sourcing and governance
  4. IT-enabled work
  5. Managing IT Projects
  6. Information Systems Sourcing
  7. Architecture and Infrastructure etc.

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