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What is Tutor Marked Assignments & How to Write It

Tutor marked assignments help the college students to learn something quickly and be a successful achiever in life. TMAs provide the students with significant practice in writing various answers to the questions, along with the correct feedback. However, if the students are not able to submit their Tutor Marked assignments on time, then an absent will get marked in the mark sheet in the column which is for grades of TMAs.

What is Tutor Marked Assignments & How to Write It

Why tutor marked assignments are essential for students to submit?

The internal assignment of the Singaporean students shall be done based on the one Tutor marked assignment referencing to each subject that can be in the form of a booklet. The subject tutors will then correct the assignments submitted or presented by the college students and then provide feedback plus suggestions for further academic improvements.

As the internal assessments or TMAs in National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, and other top college or university carries a considerable weight of around 20%, so the students have to get prepared for completing Tutor marked assignments on time.

The marks obtained by the college students during the internal academic examinations will get included in the final mark-sheet of the external analysis. The college students have to submit Tutor marked assignments before appearing in the Public Examination regarding the particular subject.

TMA is one of those successful strategies or techniques which have helped the students to be a great learner. It helps college students in developing regular studying habits. In addition to it, Tutor marked assignments give great practice to the students in writing proper responses to the questions like a rehearsal for the preparation of the final academic examinations.

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How to write tutor-marked assignments?

Generally, the writing procedure for the TMAs depends on the choice of subject which the students are taking. If it is about the humanities or literature courses, then the students might get asked to write about the stories, poems, or even short essays.

For other language courses, tutor-marked assignments usually involve short themes in the recorded tasks. However, the TMAs for scientific sessions can affect short questions like in the PDF form. Some of the general steps which the students have to follow while preparing for TMAs are;

  • Step 1: At first, students have to take the A4 size pages of the file. The pages should be blank from one side and the other hand they should be ruled. After that, the students have to open their Tutor Mark Assignment book.
  • Step 2: The next phase of the students is to start preparing the TMA file of those critical subjects which they have already selected at the time of academic admission. However, the students have to go through the all necessary instructions by opening the TMA book. As the tutor marked, assignments contain the weight of about 20% in the final grades, so the students have to prepare it by including all the crucial discussions.
  • Step 3: When the students will open the TMA book, then they will find that every subject chosen by them has six questions along with the lesson number.
  • Step 4: Then, the students have to write questions along with the answers on the A4 sized sheet taken in the beginning. The students have to find the answers in books or for quickly finding the solutions; the students can see the questions mentioned along with the chapter number. Then the students have to make a separate file of every distinct subject.
  • Step 5: The students must write every single detail of their admission on the front page of the created file which includes name, enrollment number, reference number, subject code as well as name, study center name plus code, and session of examination.
  • Step 6: Final step after preparing the tutor-marked assignment is to submit all the files in the study center before the last date of final submission comes. As if the students fail in providing TMAs on time, then they may have to face the severe loss of academic grades.

Importance of tutor marked assignments

Through an open and distance learning system, Tutor marked assignments plays an essential role in the learning process of the students.

  • Tutor marked assignments helps the college students acting as the first learners to know their progress along with the attainment level plus make a regular habit of study among the students.
  • TMAs also help the college students by designing diagnostic as well as remedial teaching strategy among the students during Personal Contact Programs.

If an absent gets marked in the final academic mark sheet in the column necessary for the grades that it will not be acceptable to any of the college students, so every student needs to pay deep concern for  Tutor Marked Assignments.

In some of the top colleges as well as universities, TMAs has become a compulsory part if the students want to achieve high academic grades at the end of the session. Unless the students get successful in submitting the high-quality TMAs on time, their visible result will remain incomplete or will not get declared.

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It is easy for the students to prepare for the tutor marked assignments if and only if they have the proper knowledge and instructions required to make it excellently.

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