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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

In Singapore, there are many people who require a letter of recommendation for various purposes. You will require letters of recommendation for gaining employment, academic letters for admission in different educational institutes, and character and personal recommendation letter for the same purposes. Most of people sometimes think that “How to write a letter of recommendation”.

So, in order to help you write your own recommendation letter, we have proposed you some good tips and helpful advice which can assist you in writing a perfect reference letter or simply a recommendation letter. Moreover, if you don’t want to write a recommendation letter on your own, you can get experts to write the best recommendation letter for you online.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

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It can be challenging to get a letter of recommendation whether you write it yourself or request someone to write one. If you are looking out for a job and need a recommendation letter for the same, it is important to get the best references.

In this way, along with your qualification, you will get a good recommendation letter which can help you get hired in one of the most esteemed companies in Singapore. Moreover, you can also get an academic recommendation letter from your teachers and professors so that you can successfully apply to other universities and colleges in Singapore.

What Do You Mean By A Letter Of Recommendation?

A recommendation letter is simply a letter of reference which is given by your employer, co-worker, client, teachers & professors, coach, etc. These are the persons who can recommend your character, skills and academic performances in various sectors. Sometimes apart from giving recommendation through letters, you can also have recommendations via phone call, email, etc.

Best Tips to Write a Letter of Recommendation

It is quite menacing to write a recommendation letter. It is intimidating especially when you are writing recommendation letters for someone. You can write a perfect and professionally effective recommendation letter by using certain tips and guidelines to write one for employment or education reference.

Following are the best tips and guidelines to write a letter of recommendation or any other admission essay letter, which are:

  • You must follow the rules to write a standard formal letter of recommendation. This letter follows any other rules and guidance like any other letter of professional or business communication. You can start writing the letter with your address and date on the top-right position.

After that, you must put the recipient’s name and address on the left. While writing the letter you must start it with formal greetings. Such as Dear Ms. or Mr. /Mrs. Moreover, if you don’t know the recipient’s name, you can simply address them as Dear Sir or Dear Madam.

  • You can start writing the recommendation letter with gusto and a little bit of praise and admiration of that person for whom you are writing a letter of recommendation. For example, you can write “It makes me happy and overwhelmed to recommend Mr. /Ms. ABC for the post of XYX Company.

You must be sincere enough to speak out only the truth in the letter. Moreover, if you start the letter by writing positive words in favor of the person for whom you are writing the letter, it will make a big and tremendous result for them.

  • In order to write the recommendation letter in details, you must provide some background information about the person whom you were recommending in the letter. You can add up details like their basic qualifications, how you know the recommended person or on what projects you have worked together.

You can use this tip if you are writing a letter of recommendation for someone’s employment motives. You must write the letter in a persuasive manner. If you can write a persuasive essay perfectly, then you will not find any difficulty while writing a recommendation letter.

This is because the recommendation letter is to pursue someone to hire the particular person for whom you are recommending.

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Extra Ways to Create Accurate Letter of Recommendation

You can also write an accurate recommendation letter by following these innovative manners which are:

  • Before you write the recommendation letter, you must determine the target audience and the purpose of writing the recommendation letter. If you are writing the letter to provide a reference for a job or for admission at educational institutes, then you must focus upon the behavior of the person along with their educational and professional qualifications.
  • If you intend to write a recommendation letter for a job, it is important that before you write the letter you must gather details of the job description. If you know the job details, it will be easier to write the letter quickly and perfectly.
  • It is good to write a recommendation letter for those persons whom you know well. Moreover, you must also be confident enough that your written recommendation letter will work out positively for the person whom you have recommended.

So, to take special care of this requirement, you must gather their full details, current resume as well any sort of information about them. If you find that the person is not good enough to get your recommendation then you must never write a letter of recommendation for them.

This is because there is a greater chance of decline in your recommendation request. Moreover, you must also never put your own reputation at stake by recommending a wrong person.

  • After you finish writing the letter of recommendation for a particular person, you must take valuable feedback from the person who knows the recommended person in person.


Thus, these are the best tips and guidelines discussed which will help you write a perfect recommendation letter of various purposes. Moreover, you can also take expert help from SingaporeAssignmentHelp.Com to get assistance in creating a letter of recommendation. These experts are also helpful in providing help in essay writing for colleges in Singapore.


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