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Research Manuscript Writing Tips for Singapore Students

Research manuscript writing is a challenging task for Singapore Students, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It’s easy to get lost in all the information, and not know where to start. Be

This blog post will give some tips for Singaporean students on how to write an excellent research manuscript that your supervisor would be proud of! In this guide you will learn the definition, purpose, what are manuscript template is, and their format with suitable examples.

Research Manuscript Writing Tips for Singapore Students

What is a research paper manuscript?

A research paper manuscript is a document that has been submitted to a publisher in order to be published as an article in a peer-reviewed journal. Before being accepted for publication, the article must go through many assessments by editors and reviewers in Singapore. Content may include the title of the paper, abstract, introduction or body content (methodology), discussion, or conclusion. One can have open access articles or paywall articles.

What is the purpose of a research manuscript?

The purpose of a research manuscript is for the researchers to share their findings with other Singapore students. They have completed detailed laboratory work that was supported by a grant and they want to announce all about it.

The articles should be written in such a way that any scientist, having read the article, can reproduce the experiment mechanically with no need for further justifications on their behalf.

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How do you write a good research manuscript?

In a good research manuscript, the author is always first to provide an introduction of what the readers are going to read. They then follow by describing their methods in detail and whether or not any exclusions were made during experimental procedures.

Then they proceed on by providing results followed by a discussion and finally interpretation as their final step. The author will also describe research manuscript writing tips, any limitations for further investigation as well as any data reported in tabular form that may require the calculation of statistical tests or comparison of other data sets with previously published materials.

Research manuscript template

This is a template for the six main sections of a research manuscript (in descending order) – Title, Abstract, Introduction, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgments or Funding Statement, References. Each section describes below.

What is the basic format of a research manuscript?

1) Title- The title page of the paper has an informative and concise title followed by a running head. The second line identifies the author, running head, and any other names that should be listed on this page. This section also includes instructions for where to place acknowledgments, tables or figures, and acknowledgments. Below that there is a running footer that starts with typographical information such as font type, italics usage, etc., pagination (pages), copyright notice, and others.

2) Abstract  – A summary of some key points of the research conducted in the manuscript written in the clear yet precise language in about 250 words or under 1-2 pages (according to journal guidelines). It should be written concisely with no citations and only the abbreviations that are standard in scientific writing, such as DNA.

The abstract should not repeat what is already found in the introduction of the manuscript but it still needs to provide a synopsis at least for readers who will access this information after reading your article and decide whether or not they want to read further on.

3) Introduction– For Singapore students, to write the introduction for a research manuscript writing , make sure to start with an attention-grabbing sentence. Ask a question or state the problem you want to solve. Give readers both historical context and substantiate why it is important today.

The introduction section should be about 5-6 sentences in length. It needs everything that will keep readers interested while giving enough information so they can understand what your paper discusses and how it fits into the bigger picture of your field of study.”

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4) Material & Methods: The general material and methods template for a research manuscript contains five sections. Following this format is essential to give readers the information they need quickly without sacrificing scientific rigor.

First, introduce what you are going to study with a general statement

Next, provide justification for the study’s topic

Thirdly, state your experimental design and procedures in detail

Fourth, describe how data was collected and analyzed with attention to the validity and reliability of data collection techniques.

Finally, summarize results with an interpretation closely followed by a discussion of limitations that prevent less limited conclusions. Ideally, statements can be backed up with tables or figures as appropriate.

5) Results: Your result section will be centered on a brief description of what you discovered (i.e., your findings). Briefly summarize the validity of your research design, outline how the data were collected and any major difficulties faced during that process, then present the specifics of what you found while researching this topic. Finally, provide some form of practical implication or conclusion to this study based on what was found for future research endeavors in relation to your particular field.

6) Discussion: The discussion section, the “sixth” section of the paper that follows the methodology, results, and conclusion must logically follow parts 1-3.

There is no one type of format to be used for it but certain guidelines must be followed in order so as not to confuse readers or make them think you are trying to convey information that was not found in your literature review or experimental design.

7) Acknowledgement: The Acknowledgements section of a research manuscript is information to include at the conclusion of the article that justifies how the idea for this study came about.

This list can also contain people and funding sources who may have helped in the development of ideas for this study for Singapore universities and colleges. The acknowledgment section is typically found at the end of a statistical analysis section and should be subdivided into two sections; general acknowledgments, followed by institutional acknowledgments.

8) Reference: Writing reference for research manuscript follow these steps:

  • Find a journal and publisher for the article (all the important information should be on the first page).
  • Include year and volume number, issue number/dates, author(s) of the article, the title of the article (if no abstract), name of the journal in italics for main text’s reference list entry, vol./issue.
  • “vols.” info is needed if there are volumes other than one that carries an issue.
  • The section titles should follow the form Author’s Name Year Article Title Journal Title Volume Issue (“Vol”): pages “pp.”-page numbers where it appears in the reference list after this format.

How can I improve my manuscript writing skills?

There are a few different ways you can improve your skills as a manuscript writer.

Initially get feedback from friends or family members and remove any things that came out of the left field, and anything phrased in passive voice.

Next, edit the piece to make all of the sentences shorter but still fluid as well as removing any comma splices (two complete thoughts in one sentence with a comma) or run-on sentences (one complete thought over multiple sentences).

After this, read the piece out loud to ensure it flows well verbally before you upload it anywhere.

Lastly, if you’re particularly unsure about your writing skills, post it somewhere like [this site] for feedback from people in the same field as you and get an outside opinion.

What are the key aspects of drafting of research manuscript?

The writing style in a research manuscript will vary depending on the needs and preferences of different journals for Singapore students. Here are some general principles, however, that should be followed when drafting any type of manuscript.

A Research Manuscript Writing typically includes four parts: introduction (background), methods, results, and discussion/future directions (discussion). These can appear in differing orders. Sometimes an authorship statement will precede the introduction for example if more than one person is listed as an author of a study.

But each part should have at least one paragraph summarizing what has been done and what has been found or observed during the course of experimentation to build expectancy for upcoming content within these sections.

There should also be references to satisfy the expectations of the journal in question. The format should be familiar and comfortable to an editor, so they can make their decision quickly on whether or not it is a good fit for publication in Singapore.

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What is the example of manuscript?

Example manuscripts from the American Journal of Medical Genetics

“Journals have their own required formats, and you will need to follow these guidelines carefully. You can usually find tutorials online for many field-specific formats (such as manuscript formatting for genetics). The following are links to some example manuscripts from the American Journal of Medical Genetics in order of increasing complexity: introduction, case report 1, case report 2, research article or meta-analysis.”

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Hope you understood how to start or write a research manuscript.

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