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How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion

After completion of the dissertation discussion section many students have worry about writing the conclusion part of the thesis. College going students in Singapore have confusion between discussion and conclusion. They are unaware of what elements they should include in the dissertation conclusion chapter. In this article our dissertation writing team is providing students with a guide to write an excellent conclusion for the thesis.

How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion

The conclusion is the last chapter of the dissertation. It mainly includes a summary of key findings. It is a section that also provides a summary of the investigation. You can also include suggestions for future research on similar topics. While writing a conclusion it is very crucial for you to demonstrate the knowledge which you have gain by conducting research on a particular topic. The main purpose of the conclusion section in the dissertation is to

  • Provide direct answers to the research question.
  • Another purpose is to provide a reader with information about new discoveries.


  1. After writing the conclusion for the dissertation, you should confirm that it is concise and interesting.
  2. Now, after developing the understanding of the Dissertation conclusion, lets now understand the difference between discussion and conclusion.

What is the difference between Discussion and Conclusion?

The conclusion section of the dissertation consists of the same elements as of Discussion. In the context of the dissertation, both section discussion and conclusion are combined. You should first review the guidelines before combining both the chapters in the Dissertation structure. It is very crucial for you to write a conclusion that is the final chapter of the dissertation. Writing the dissertation conclusion is very much crucial as it provides the reader with a final idea about your work. Below are certain tips which you can use for writing the final chapter of the dissertation these tips are:

  • You should write a short but general conclusion.
  • Write a broad statement for summarising the main arguments or new discoveries.
  • Don’t include new information in the conclusion.

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Length of dissertation conclusion

The length of the conclusion section is completely dependent on the type of dissertation you are writing. Basically the length of the final chapter is 5 to 7 percent of the total word count of dissertation or thesis. In relation to empirical scientific investigation, you need to write a short conclusion which includes only main findings and suggestions for future researches.

The length of the dissertation conclusion for the humanities field the length of a conclusion can be longer as if you have to perform analysis and combine all the overall arguments.

The 5 step steps for writing a dissertation conclusion are:

 Step 1: Answering the research questions

You should start writing a dissertation conclusion by stating the main question which you intend to answer by performing an investigation. It is the last chance where you can demonstrate that you have accomplished objectives. At the time of writing a conclusion you should provide a clear and concise answer.

Note: At the time of writing a conclusion for the thesis you should not repeat the results.

Dissertation Conclusion: Example

In relation to the dissertation which aims to resolve practical issues in empirical research, you should write a conclusion in this manner

“The main aim of the investigation is to find suitable tactics for raising funds in order to help the organization in meeting operational requirements. On the basis of qualitative and quantitative analysis of intention behind the donation, the thing which has been discovered is that social distance is the variable that affects people intend to make a donation. The outcome of research reveals that people making donations are more receptive to images which are showing the large distance”

In relation to the dissertation, it is a conclusion section that consists of theoretical arguments that are based on case study analysis.

“On the basis of UK policy, the dissertation demonstrates how news on media could influence the formulation of policy”.

Example: An investigation performs for analyzing the relationship between the media discourse and migration policy. In this example, the objective of the investigation is not directly stated but it is already included in it. You should not repeat instead you should redesign your aim and questions for your statement.

Step 2: Summary and reflection of research

By writing the conclusion you can make the reader remind about the findings you intend to draw.   At the time of writing a conclusion, you need to clearly state how well the outcomes or findings of the investigation have matched your expectations. The last part of your dissertation should provide detail information about the procedure that you have implemented for performing the investigation.

Besides summarising all chapters individually, you can write a conclusion reflectively.  In conclusion you by providing evidence can demonstrate the effectiveness of different methods that you have utilized for answering research questions. At the time of writing a conclusion, you should also state the limitations of your investigations.  You should only include positive points about your work.

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 Thesis conclusion: Example

  • While x restricts the generalizability of the outcomes, this approach provides new insight into y.
  • It is an investigation which illustrates x, but it also raise questions of y.

 Step 3: Provide recommendations

If you have already written suggestions about future research in the discussion section of the dissertation then you should elaborate it in the dissertation conclusion chapter.  While writing the conclusion section you need to keep in mind the implications of findings.


  • On the basis of the conclusion, the investigator should consider it.
  • You for developing a better understanding of the implications of outcomes, future research could address.
  • Further investigation can be executed for determining the relationship between cause and effect.

Note: While writing a Dissertation conclusion you should not exaggerate the applicability of investigation. If you are making suggestions related to policy or other practical implementation then you can include it as suggestions. The main objective of the academic investigation is to inform, provide explanation and explore new things.

While writing suggestions related to the future investigation you should confirm that it does not undermine your work.

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Step 4: Focus on contributions

At the time of writing a conclusion you should confirm that the content you have written has a positive impression on the reader. You should include information about the contribution which your investigation will make. There are few strategies which you should adopt for ensuring that your conclusion mainly emphasizes on contribution are :

While writing a summary and conclusion, You should restate the problem statement and explain the way investigation helps in resolving specific issues.

It is important for you to review the literature review. You should also clearly state how you will address the knowledge gap.

In conclusion, you should include a discussion about your findings.

Note: you should not include all those content that you already wrote in the discussion section. In conclusion, you should include crucial points and provides a summary of key findings.

Step 5: Finish a dissertation

After finishing the dissertation, writing the conclusion is the last step.  After the completion of the dissertation, at the next step you should write abstract. If you are not having any idea about how to write an abstract then you can read our article. After writing a dissertation conclusion you should include a reference list.

After completion of the dissertation, you should proofread the entire content to make sure the elimination of language errors.


From the above article, it has been concluded from the above article that the conclusion is the section in a dissertation which helps investigators in developing impression on the reader. Another thing which has been concluded from the above that the conclusion consists of answers to the main question.

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