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Sample Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework is an important concept in research. Students studying in the college or the University of Singapore often face issues in preparing the theoretical framework. In this article, an expert dissertation writing team of Singapore assignment help is providing you with a sample problem statement, theoretical framework.

Sample Theoretical Framework

Theoretical framework definition

The theoretical framework can be referred to as the important concepts in research that establish a relationship between different theories on the basis of a literature review.

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Moreover, a strong theoretical framework provides a researcher with an effective scientific basis. Also, it helps you in demonstrating the understanding of existing knowledge related to the subject. An effective theoretical framework helps the reader in making the evaluation of guiding assumptions. It provides readers with directions. Theoretical helps the researcher in interpretation, explanation, and generalizing research findings.

Note: It is very much important for you to note that the three main elements such as research questions, problem statement, and literature review act as the basis for the preparation of the theoretical framework.

Literature review and theoretical framework

The theoretical framework is created and is directly linked to the literature review of the topic. A literature review helps you in developing an understanding of the relationship between different theories. We have professional dissertation writers who can do different types of theoretical framework and make theoretical framework diagram neat and clean. You can ask for help to take chapter 1 and chapter 2 theoretical framework example.

Sample problem statement and research questions

A multinational organization is facing issues related to the continuous decline in the number of loyal customers. Clients of Multinational companies are not making the subsequent purchases which have a significant influence on the profitability of the organization. Also, the administrative team in an enterprise has decided to emphasize on enhancing customer services.

In the context of the above example, you intend to conduct an in-depth investigation for identifying the issue.  Now, you intend to focus on the following thing such as:

Problem: Decline in a subsequent purchase by customers.

Objectives: The main objective is to identify the best technique for gaining customer loyalty and increasing profit.

Research questions 1: How a multinational company can improve customer satisfaction?

Research Question 2: What strategy a company can adopt for increasing profitability?

Sub questions:

  • What is the relationship between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction?
  • How much satisfy firms customers are present?
  • What factors influence the loyalty and satisfaction of customers?

In the above example, the two concepts are very much important these are customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is very crucial for you to define these concepts in your theoretical framework.

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Sample theoretical framework example

Below are simple examples of theoretical framework in qualitative research of how you can make a comparison between definitions and theories in a theoretical framework. For instance, we will mainly concentrate on the topic of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

According to the view of Pearson (2009, p. 70) customer satisfaction can be referred to as the perception of people about goods which is drawn by making a comparison of experience with expectation.  However, as per the opinion of Kottler (2012, p 86) customer satisfaction is basically an extent up to which an individual feel either happy or sad with the performance of products. It is the improper or bad performance of specific good which lead to a high level of dissatisfaction among customers. Thus, a specific item which satisfies expectations of customers achieve a high level of satisfaction.

The Thomson has given other definitions of customer satisfaction. He said customer satisfaction is basically a consumer fulfillment response. Also, he said that customer satisfaction also can be referred to as judgment about the feature of goods.

As per the view of Zeithami (2014, p. 34) an organization should design products considering the perception of the target customer group. Also, the author states that customer satisfaction is basically a reaction to experience gain and satisfaction achieved by an individual by consuming specific goods or services. But as per the opinion of the company it is the objective of the firm to want to sell products but by proving customers with good experience. Among the statement provided by different authors definition provided by Thomson is considered to be more relevant.

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Customer satisfaction model by Thomsen

As per the opinion of the author high-value proposition is the factor which influences customers to make frequent purchases.  It is the factor that also provides a high level of satisfaction to customers. However, the theoretical framework also states the other factors such as need, market, public relation techniques, word of mouth are other external variables that motivate customers to make a purchase of goods.

Moreover, the author said that a customer can measure satisfaction level by analyzing the difference between experience and expectation level. Management in an organization can use the Thomson model for analyzing the level of satisfaction which customer has gain by consuming products. Also, it will help the firm in the identification of the need for improvement.

Furthermore, by utilizing the theoretical framework you can perform analysis of different concepts in a proper manner. You can also make a comparison between additional definitions. We can also have a discussion about different models and ideas of different authors.

Note: It is very much important for you to do proper citations of sources in the entire theoretical framework. If you miss doing citations then there are high chances of plagiarism.


From the above article it has been concluded that a theoretical framework is very much helpful in relation to developing an in-depth understanding of the topic. Another fact which has been concluded is that the theoretical framework provides direction and guidance to the reader.

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