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Writing Dissertation Overview

Writing a dissertation overview is quite a difficult task for the students. At the time of writing dissertation students studying in the college of Singapore sometime found that passages in the dissertation overview and introduction consist of repetitive information. Our expert team of Singapore assignment help has written an article that will help students in writing an overview of the dissertation in a systematic manner.

Writing Dissertation Overview

Tips for writing a Dissertation Overview

While writing an overview of the dissertation and introduction many students use similar words and sentence construction. Repetition of the same constructive sentences can make the content of your dissertation boring. Below are some tips related to different phrasing options by using which you can make your dissertation overview section more interesting?

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Tip 1: Make use of passive voice

Construction is not appropriate for writing an overview of the dissertation. Instead of using I construction you can utilize passive voice.

Example 1 “I” construction

In chapter 1 of the dissertation, I defined the research problem; I also have a discussion about the root cause of the specific issue.

In chapter 2 I wrote a relevant review of the literature.

In chapter 3, I have highlighted the  methodology which I will use for investigation.

Tip 2: Emphasise on using passive voice construction

You can utilize passive voice construction for writing a dissertation overview. Using IS-AV (inanimate subject with an active verb) construction is considered to be one of the best ways to present facts.

Example 2 Construction of Passive voice

In chapter 1 of the dissertation, you need to introduce your problem. Then, you need to include a discussion about the relevant literature in Chapter 2.

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Tip 3: Utilise IS-AV construction

By utilizing the IS – AV construction you can add more variety to the text of dissertation Overview.

Example 3 An example is related to IS and Av construction

Chapter 1 in the dissertation represents the main issue.

Chapter 2 includes the discussion relates to relevant literature.

Few constructions which you need to consider while writing an overview of the dissertation ( see below examples)


Chapter 1st in the dissertation consists of answers to sub-questions.


The result section reveals that…… (You need to write a complete sentence in the conclusion chapter.

Tip 4:  Use a Mixture of different construction.

Example:  Mixture of different construction at the same time.

In dissertation section 2 consists of a literature review. An explanation of the methodology used in the dissertation is highlighted in chapter 3. Section 4 in Dissertation consists of results and discussion. In chapter 5 you need to write a conclusion. While writing section 5 you should also state the limitation of research and provide valuable solutions for conducting further investigation on a similar topic in the future.

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Useful verbs for writing Overview of Dissertation

There are few useful verbs which you can use while writing dissertation overview are :

  • Address
  • Indicate
  • Claim
  • Argue
  • Compare
  • Clarify
  • Indicate
  • Point out
  • Mention etc.

The utilization of the above verbs will help you in making the content of the dissertation overview rich.


  1. Before including these words in the dissertation overview, you should first develop an understanding of the meaning of verbs. By gaining the knowledge, you will be able to make sure that you are using a term that is relevant and appropriate for your content you intend to write in the overview section of the dissertation.
  2. While adding the above mention words you should also make sure that it is compatible with the construction of the sentence and it will help you in writing a perfect dissertation overview.

For example, there are few options that you can use along with passive voice bout it could not be used with another type of sentence constructions. These following options are:

  • Is Based on
  • Is dedicated to
  • Is central to


The conclusion drawn from the above article is that the proper construction of the sentence is very much important for writing an interesting dissertation overview. Another fact which has been concluded from above is that one of the best techniques to write a dissertation overview is to make use of passive voice. The compatibility of sentences is very much important for making an overview of the dissertation perfect.

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